The real estate of Goa started booming in the past decades and land cost had gone beyond the reach of the common man in Goa. The obvious reason behind this was the outside investment which started pouring in the state from the major Indian states like, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gujarat, Pune etc. Based on the information available from the sources, The high-flying Indians who prefer to travel within the shores of India are always in a search of weekend homes. And Goa is always on their priority list with many exploring the possibility of having their second home in the state.
The old Zuari Bridge will be soon replaced with the New Bridge. The bridge project along with the approach roads is already on the planning table. But with all the development there is also the provision for making some revenue for the state and based on that revenue model, you may have to pay the toll fees to cross the bridge in south Goa, which is not the regular affair in the state of Goa. In Goa, people do not like to pay the toll fees and hence there are no toll stations across the state, even on the borders of Goa the vehicle registered with Goa gets the exemption from the toll charges. Will Goan go to pay the toll on Zuari Bridge still remains the suspense?