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GoaMiles being Goa’s first taxi aggregator receives a lot of opposition from the Taxi Lobby in Goa and despite several negotiations and intervention, there seems to be no concrete solution coming out of this. According to the reports, CM Pramod Sawant is not ready to withdraw from the GoaMiles app since it is creating a positive remark amongst the tourist and locals alike.    
Goans across the state are today both mourning and celebrating the life of “Mummy” as she was so fondly named. With a humble personality, she is revered amongst the masses, earning people’s love and respect and with her demise, Goans have lost an important jewel in society. 
Taxi service has always been an issue for the tourists coming to Goa due to various reasons, may it be the issue of overcharging or harassments, but with the time, things have started changing, and the first step towards that was the introduction of the first APP based taxi service of Goa by GTDC called “Goa Miles.” Now Goa Miles have gone one more step ahead by getting associated with of Ezy Mov to provide sustainable tourism in Goa. 
Goa’s uniform Civil Code is being hailed as a model for the Uniform Civil Code in the Country. A clutch of unique clauses such as ‘communion of assets’, ‘equal property rights for both sons and daughters’ and the application of all laws uniformly to all citizen of the State have made the Goa Civil Code a unique one.  Yet as lawyers and activists point out, there are several lacunas in the law, that make it an unequal proposition, especially for women. 
Goa is known for its beauty and serenity, but not many people know that it is also famous for the most haunted places, which will scare the life out of you. Although there are many places having its own stories, here we have featured only 10 most haunted places, which you may not like to visit while your trip to Goa, and if you still decide to visit, then please read this story before your venture into the adventure…
Now the overstaying of foreign nationals won't be taken lightly by the Goa government, said the sources. Foreigners who come to Goa on Tourist or work visas normally tend to stay longer than their allowed duration which is illegal and to avoid this malpractice the government of Goa has opened a detention centre in Mapusa, Goa.
One of the common human activities that we all like indulging in is ‘eating’. Be it healthy or junk, we just love munching on food. But what if you are not home, are hungry and are not a billionaire and you are incapable of sitting in those dim lights and soft music, air-conditioned cushion restaurants.  You need to know of all good places to fill your tummy with some tasty goodies.
There is a serious need for asking this question as the Tourist Taxi Operators in Goa are not ready to install the digital meter to come under the umbrella of fair price practice. The tourists coming to the state have been complaining about the behaviour and the changes applied by the tourist taxi operators in the state. There is no existing machinery in the state to take control of this issue. The first question is how much is the fair price from the Goa’s lone Airport to Calangute? and the Second question, who decides these prices? Following is the story of a British Tourist on his visit to Goa and according to him, the taxi operator had fleeced him by charging Rs. 3000 from Dabolim to Calangute. It is not alone the foreigners who got fleeced by the taxi operators, but even the Goan returning from aboard had to face the same tune. Read the Complete story here.
Following the drop in the tourists from UK and USA, the Russian tourists ruled over Goa for almost a decade. The maximum number of flights would come from Moscow to Goa direct and there was a boom in the tourism sector of Goa due to the Russian charters, but now it looks like this scenario is about to change.
The life of Goans working in the UK is not the bed the bed of roses as it is assumed, they have to face a lot of challenges while working and staying there. Right from the cost of living to the work environment is very harsh there compared to our country, but despite of that they still prefer to migrate to the European Countries with the help of Portuguese Passport. Here in this piece of article, we have tried to put some light on the challenges faced by Goans living in the UK.