Goa, A place which has been ruled by various historic dynasties for centuries to come. One of the major reasons which attracted many dynasties to Goa was the beautiful coastline which was famous for sea trade. One such dynasty which captured Goa was the great Maratha Dynasty. In the 15th century, major parts of Goa were ruled by Adil Shah Empire. In 1525, Alfonso De Albuquerque, Portuguese Commander General waged a war and captured Tiswadi from Adil Shah. On the other side Shivaji Maharajah captured the Dicholim Mahal and took a total control over it. This was the first footstep charged by the Maratha Empire on Gomantak (name in which Goa was known as).
The demolition of any sort of properties coming into the development process is inevitable, but when the question of demolition something that is related to the God and that too which is 100 years old comes in, it can become an issue of major controversy. The St. Anthony’s Chapel situated in Colvale is on its way to get demolished due to the new Highway Expansion Plans, now that is something which is bound to become the issue of a major controversy.
Goa has a very rich cultural history prior to the invasion of Mughals and Portuguese. A lot of historical structures were either destroyed or converted by the invaders into their own domain, but despite that they could not erase the traces of Indian culture from it, and today when historians dig little deeper, they find a gold mine of rich culture buried under the debris of the old structures. The story of Alorna Fort is no different.   
Goa is a small state that lays in the west of the Konkan coast. Although the state is the smallest in the country, it still breathes a life of its own. The vibrant culture, cuisines, and heritage of this state are something that draws the attention of the world. From the Portuguese dominance to the hippie movement- from the laid-back Goan vibes to what is now a fast developing state- Goa has come a long way to make its mark.
The image of Goa has been portrayed as a beach and party destination and most of the domestic tourists come to Goa to have fun, but Goa is much more beyond beaches and bars and there are many offbeat things that you can do while on your trip to Goa. This piece of article will shed some more light on the offbeat activities that you can do while in Goa.