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There are just a handful of sportspersons in Goa who have made a name at the national and international level in sports. Natasha Palha is one of them and her name echoes in the Indian Tennis arena. She is reaching heights of success at a young age, and her dedication and passion are to watch out for. Being focused and determined to reach the 300 WTA ranking, she is currently training in one of India’s leading institutes in Pune. Natasha has made a name not only for herself but also for the state of Goa. At 580 in the WTA ranking (as of April 14, 2017), she is the sixth best among the Indian women’s singles players. Natasha is called Goa’s Serena Williams in the making and has won the Doubles titles in Cairo and Gwalior last year.
Leanne Alcasoas is pursuing her career in the field of Architecture at Bangalore. After completing her graduation in Architecture from the College of Architecture in Goa, Leanne decided to shift her base to Bangalore in search of the better prospects. But she is completely attached to Goa and she keeps coming back home as and when she gets time from her busy schedule to be with her family and savour her favourite fish curry rice. Although Leanne is an Architect by profession she has the passion for the modeling and she had bagged the Title of Ms. India International 2016 held at Titos Goa. I met Leanne to find out more about her passion and her profession.
Goans have done the innumerable amount of contribution in the field of arts and culture, not alone in India but rest of the world. The world recollects Goa for its pristine beaches, Fish curry rice & Caju Feni but in reality, Goa has much more to offer to the world. Goa is a land of talent, culture, and traditions. Many world-renowned talents have born on this soil and their contributions have crossed the geographical boundaries. Goa is not only about beaches, fish curry, and Feni but it is also about the people and their contributions.
My name is Anthony Gonsalves is one of the most famous songs that was picturized on the superstar of Indian film industry, Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji, in an epic movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” but how many of you know that the song was a tribute from Shri Pyarelal Ji (Laxmikant – Pyarelal duo) to the legendary Goan composer and the music arranger of the Indian music industry, Bab Anthony Gonsalves. Mr. Anthony Gonsalves lived his life away from the limelight of Bombay film industry, in a small scenic village of Majorda, near Margao in south Goa. He was the first and the only person from Goa to receive the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Although he has done a big contribution towards the Indian industry of Music but very few people in Goa are aware of this fact. This story is a tribute of Incredible Goa to Mr. Anthony Gonsalves.
Prince Jacob is the household name in Goa. I wonder if there exists any Goan who has not heard about Prince and his contributions towards the Tiatr industry of Goa. I am talking about the time when Tiatr (The Konkani Theatre) was the only entertainment that Goans had in the 80’s when even the television has not reached into this tiny state. In those days Prince was ruling the industry of Tiatr in Goa. I recollect of hearing the success stories of Prince since 1984 when I was in the school. Here I am going to take you through the journey of the life of prince that he lived on the and off the stage.
Norbert D’souza is a well-known name in the field of Fitness in Goa. Norbert who started his gym career around 18 years ago from the backyard of the Neomi’s Salon situated in Miramar is today running the India’s Largest Gym facility in Ocean Park which is spread across the 36000 soft. area. Not many people reach to the height Norbert has achieved today, especially in the field of the gym which is still in the initial stage in the state of Goa. The Journey to this success was not easy for Norbert but yet he achieved the tremendous amount of success in this field. Today Norbert runs more than half a dozens of the gym across the state of Goa and in this story I will take you through the role coaster ride of the journey to his success.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that, at some point, we all must journey back to the source. Today, life comes full circle for India's favorite beauty queen and actor, Sushmita Sen, who was a judge recently at the 65th edition of Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Philippines. A place extra special as that is exactly the same place she’d won her #MissUniverse crown 23 years ago.
The life is not easy as a bed of roses to everyone. Some are born with the silver spoon in their mouth, maneuvers the life easily compared to ones who is born in the middle class or poor family. I do not mean to say that rich people do not struggle in their life but what I want to put across here is the resources are not available to the poor as much as to the richer section of the society, especially in our country. Here I am going to narrate the story of a girl who despite all the hurdles in the life came out as a winner at the end. She achieved what she wanted in the life facing all the hardship of the life.
The Goan film industry has just started getting recognition in the film fraternity of India with the movie like “Nachom ia-Kumpasar”, directed by Bardroy Barretto which has set several benchmarks in the Konkani film industry. Now it is the time for K Sera Sera, directed by Rajiv Shinde to set another benchmark and new records. Rajiv Shinde is not the new name in the film and drama fraternity of Goa. In fact, he is one of the pioneers who started the trend of producing the quality film in Goa but may that was too early and he did not get the desired recognition then. But his latest flick has come with the bang.
Being from the field of journalism Ruchika made her mark in the entertainment industry. In a very short span of time, she became one of the most sought after event comperes of India. In the normal circumstances the journey to the destination is always filled with a lot of challenges but for Ruchika, it is completely different. According to her she never faced the tough time in any of her endeavors and in fact she enjoyed the every moment of it. Ruchika is the perfect example of an empowered woman who believes to live life in style and work with complete self-determination.
Bianka Dias, the Goan mountaineer, and adventure enthusiast loves the challenges and wants to get into a different kind of adventure. Starting young at the age of 12 Bianca developed the love for nature and adventure. She had a dream to work with the Indian Defence Services but due to some reason she did not join that and became an adventure enthusiast. Started with the NCC in the school, today Bianca is one of the Goa’s leading mountaineers. The Editor of Incredible Goa met Bianca do discuss her experience with the adventure and the problems she faced by her being a woman.
The Kashyaps are the most talked about couple in the town today. Both being the batch mate of the Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad 2009 batch and have been posted in Goa in the year 2013 by the Ministry of Home Affairs Delhi. Priyanka and Karthik Kashyap, the duo Superintendent of Police have been in Goa for three years and they have been now transferred to Delhi. Although their transfer has been already finalised but they are still holding the charge till the BRICS summit gets over and will be in Goa until the end of October. Incredible Goa team meet the Goa’s most talked about a couple from the Indian Police Services (IPS) to find out about their experience and journey in Goa.