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Sigmund de Souza – A Quiver Full of Arrows

Sigmund de Souza is a quiver full of arrows. He is adept at so many things you tend to wonder how many talents could be crammed into just one person! Having always pursued his interests, he is now at a crossroads of which particular one to immerse himself in completely. Join us as we sift through his many arrows.

Ghumot conferred with the status of heritage instrument of Goa

Goa is a small state that lays in the west of the Konkan coast. Although the state is the smallest in the country, it still breathes a life of its own. The vibrant culture, cuisines, and heritage of this state are something that draws the attention of the world. From the Portuguese dominance to the hippie movement- from the laid-back Goan vibes to what is now a fast developing state- Goa has come a long way to make its mark.

Sonia Shirsat – The Goan Voice Who Ferried Fado to Goa

Don’t many parents dream their little children, singing rhymes in front of their family or a small song at a festive gathering; will one day shine and be famous? Well, little Sonia had a similar beginning to what would go on to become her career and take her all around the world. Sonia Shirsat is a well-known name in Goa by now for sure. Her songs have taken everyone by storm. She has often been interviewed and featured, but today, you will get to know her real story, from the first bricks she used to build her career to the nuts and bolts fixed in between. Real stories are proof that impossible things are possible! So here is a real story of a singer I bet will inspire you to chase your dreams too.

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