How often to workout depends on what your goals and objectives are! Most experts agree that 3-5 times per week is sufficient. You should exercise for the duration of 20-60 minutes at 50- 85% of you’re heart rate. However, the frequency of your workouts will depend on your fitness level and your schedule. Beginners should start with about 3 non-consecutive days of cardio and work their way up to more frequent sessions.

Startups to become the backbone of Goa Business’s Ecosystem

It is a misconception that Goa only offers people with the sun, sand, siestas and sundowners. No siree! You will be amazed by the number of startups that are springing up in this coastal paradise, completely overhauling the business sector and taking it to the digital age. Fortunately, Goa offers an ideal work-life balance and the perfect environment for innovation. With the rapidly improving connectivity and infrastructure and a supportive state government, Goa is slowly becoming a ‘Startup Paradise’.

Sao Joao: A safe way to enjoy

Sao Joao is a festival celebrated every year during cooling monsoon season. This particular festival is celebrated in honour of the feast of St. John the Baptist on 24th June. People of Goa enjoy this festival to the core of their heart. Ladies dress in colourful clothes with a garland of flowers, a lei or coronets around their crown. Some even prepare the garland with tiny plums and other fruits. Men and women both participate in various activities while it is raining. There are rain dances, water games of hitting each other with garlic flowers or soft plastic hammers and most important of all jumping and swimming in the wells. It is considered to be the rejoicing time of the year.


People throng to Goa for its pristine beaches, sumptuous food, adventure and westernised lifestyle. As there have been so many different influences on the Goan fashion over the years, hence you can’t remember to forget it.

Nigel Quadros – The Goan Tech Prodigy

Nigel is one of those Young Turks who does not believe in wasting time doing things that average guys would do, instead, he would get on to his laptop and start writing the codes. Nigel has access to technology right from his childhood. When most of his friends would spend time with playing in the mud he would spend his time playing with the gadgets. This experience of the Nigel did not go waste and today he built a company out of the scratch which according to him helps millions of people across the world. Nigel is surely one of the tech prodigy of Goa.

Jolene Dias, Overcoming the disability

Some are born with a disability while some come across it accidently in the normal course of life. Disability may be a constraint for some while for others it can be the source of stimulation which enables them to achieve something beyond the expectation of this world. There are many examples of the disabled people achieving a tremendous amount of name and fame in their lifespan. Here I am telling you the story of one such young talented girl who despite facing the disability disorder from the age of 15 achieved a lot of accolades for her god gifted talent of singing.

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