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Nigel Quadros – The Goan Tech Prodigy

Nigel is one of those Young Turks who does not believe in wasting time doing things that average guys would do, instead, he would
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Nigel is one of those Young Turks who does not believe in wasting time doing things that average guys would do, instead, he would get on to his laptop and start writing the codes. Nigel has access to technology right from his childhood. When most of his friends would spend time with playing in the mud he would spend his time playing with the gadgets. This experience of the Nigel did not go waste and today he built a company out of the scratch which according to him helps millions of people across the world. Nigel is surely one of the tech prodigy of Goa.

According to Nigel, while most of his peers would chill out with the kingfisher in their hands of slogged with the noses buried in their books, “I was exploring technology at my fingertips ever since I set my eyes and hands on my first mobile phone at the age of nine. With a technological bent of mind and a voracious appetite for content, I realized at a young age that books confined me and only working a 9 to 5 job will never be my cup of tea. So, I decided to create one for the weekends where I could share my ideas,” said Nigel.

Nigel loves the technology and gadgets. Today at 23, Nigel has an experience of more than 7 years in Digital and Content marketing and he also helps many people with the same. According to Nigel, he had also spoken at various schools across the globe with the nonstop learning curve. Nigel strongly believes in the “solutions” and not in “Problems”. “Through my new website where I share how I founded million dollar business and generate revenue through the same, it’s free to read and learn. No strings attached,” says Nigel.

According to Nigel, he spent his early years in the balmy land of Goa and while most of my peers chilled with a Kingfisher (now, no more…) in hand or slogged with their noses buried in books. “Consequently, as a teenager when everyone worked hard to change(or shape) their lives, I decided to change the world through my favorite realm, technology. And before growing mustache, I grew an enviable list of corporate clients,” said Nigel.

Nigel Quadros is the founder of AndroGuru website, the first comprehensive portal on Android Technology. “I founded the, at the age of 19. AndroGuru is one of the most comprehensive portals based on the Android technology, news, and reviews. I did this project with the pocket money saved by me over the years. It was my idea of fun to use over 35 smartphones to stay abreast of latest Android developments,” said Nigel.

According to Nigel, while he was working on this project (AdroGuru) his parents started worrying about his behavior. “My parents were worried that their son was way too sorted out for a teenager, but also immensely proud when, as the Editor-in-Chief of AndroGuru, I was able to put Goa on the global technology map as a panelist at AnDevCon (Android Developers Conference), one of the largest international Android conference held in Boston in July 2015,” said Nigel.

“Today, AndroGuru continues to grow and I continue to learn, work in Qatar and share my knowledge on Digital Marketing to help bloggers and businesses build real brands and scale up their revenues. It’s human nature to find equilibrium, settle down, and resist change. Most clients’ teams fall into the trap of conventional owing to this human nature. I guess, I am wired a bit differently as my ideas are unconventional and always aimed at change,” says Nigel.      

From enabling India’s largest Android community to dabbling in YouTube videos to creating ace digital marketing strategies for top companies such as Navin Studio, Route 66, Thirsty Bear, Chunky Chicken, BNB Custom Homes, Akar Realty across the globe, Nigel believes that the success follows relentless hard work. “With your will, some luck and lots of hard work, I will help you build your multi-million dollar brand through content that will share my experience over the years, insights I have developed working closely with established brands and struggling startups and lessons learnt from mistakes I made along the way, and those of others. I have worked at The Goan on Saturday, Herald, Navhind Times, Web Blend Solutions and Navin Studio among many others,” claims Nigel.

Besides setting up the AndroGuru portal as an Editor in Chief, Nigel was also involved in the various other projects in Goa and abroad. Nigel worked as a Tech Columnist for ‘The Goan on Saturday‘, which was a top weekly newspaper used to get published every Saturday at Panjim (Now it has become daily) and circulated in the Emirates too. He was a Tech Columnist for Herald Publications. He has not stopped just there as he was also a Gadget Consultant and Expert Reviewer for My Smart Price. Android has been his clique since 2009 because he found that Google truly has given a chance for every young aspiring teen to work their way through the OS. “I was using devices powered by Google’s Android OS as well as Nokia, BlackBerry, and many others. Having a good knowledge of HTML, I have designed websites for many clients and received compliments for my work,” says Nigel.    

According to Nigel,, is a community consisting of people who want to learn about Android technology. According to him, this helps them to decide on which smartphone to choose and how to develop Android applications or maybe more simply to stay in touch with the latest in the tech scenario.

According to Nigel, When people hear the word ‘hacking’ they often seem to judge the person by the usual thought of a person who does the illegal activity on the internet “But let me assure you that hacking is far beyond the term. There are so many individuals who make a living out of hacking such as one of India’s top ethical hacker and cyber security expert Ankit Fadia who could be considered as a white hat hacker. White hat hackers are those individuals who assist in protecting systems and official networks from getting hacked by crackers who are widely known as black hat hackers. I have come across a number of people who include teenagers and even fine young men who often boast that they know to hack. I personally feel that it depends on what you choose to be; the world’s best white hat or a black hat which would usually be a bit depressing,” says Nigel.

Being a hacker has its own perks down the line. If hard-core programming is your clique, then you should definitely go in for white hat security that would benefit you as well as a reputed company. Have you ever thought of being the Cyber Security Manager of Dell or Microsoft? White hat hacking (ethical) would be the right path to choose. Let me also warn you that, to be a strong white hat hacker you will have to walk the footsteps of the black hat so that you have an upper hand in intrusion situations. I always believe that it is always good to see the other side of the coin but from a distance so that you know from which country it is. There are millions of hackers around the world and so many websites are at risk, but would you like to be the victim that would affect you with personal information loss, money fraud, sex scandal or even your inbox being vulnerable?

“Summing up the “world of hacking”, I would declare that hacking can be classified as a crime and an individual will face legal action if his activity has harmed anyone in any way. If you choose to use your skills in the right way, you would be considered as a white hat hacker and would be collecting a fat cheque from one of the reputed companies very soon,” says Nigel.

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