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Lamanis means the people who belong to Banjara Samaj and these people come down to Goa from the neighboring states and do various types of tiny businesses. Many of them have even learned to communicate with the Russians in their language and foreigners somehow liked them. This in return affects the businesses of locals, although many locals do not carry out the business similar to the Lamanis, somehow Lamanis has been on the target of locals for quite some time now.       
Anjuna Flea Market is one of the famous Hippie Markets in Goa that lead to a process of starting the Flea Markets in Goa. The Foreigners doing business in these Flea Markets is the major charm of the place and the new initiative taken by the Goa Police to set up the Police Desk in the Flea Markets to keep watch on the Fake Visas, but the real question here is whether the real purpose of it will be fulfilled or the foreigners might get harassed on the name of Visa??
The Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho today announced government decision to issue new tourist taxi permits to around 800-odd vehicles in the State. This announcement comes after a delay of almost 2 months. It has also decided to grant time till January 2020 fo taxi operators to apply and obtain a badge, which has been made mandatory. 
Imagine the shacks had been set up and the Cyclonic rain have destroyed everything. Incessant rains lashing the state in the past two days have brought life to a standstill. The coastal areas were hit the most especially the Calangute – Candolim beach stretch on Friday. Gauravaddo in Calangute and Ximer in Candolim were the worst affected what with the seawater having entered houses and large tracts of land belonging to hotels and resorts being washed away.
Who doesn’t like a holiday to Goa? The image one conjures up of Goa is the nightlife, the long stretches of coastline, picturesque sceneries, heritage homes, religious places with beautiful churches and temples and of course food. When one decides to go on a vacation to Goa, one often gets excited and isn’t informed of the rules and regulations one must follow when in the sunshine state. Travel agents are mostly involved in the business and rarely inform their customers about the dos and don’ts one needs to follow when in a place like Goa.
The collapse of Thomas Cook is going to be a big setback for the charter operators and the stakeholders in Goa who are mainly dependent on that business. The tourist inflow from the UK is expected to decline substantially this season. The alternate arrangements have been made to bring the British Tourists in Goa but did not work out. Despite that, it will not affect the tourism season in Goa as the inflow from other countries and quality domestic tourists are expected to increase. 
Goa known as the sunshine state of India is known for its beach and nightlife. What with Goa being on the threshold of another tourism season, stakeholders in the tourism industry are on their toes preparing for arrivals of tourists as well as grating permissions and renewing of licenses of various hotels, shacks, restaurants, guest houses, transport as well as sports activities in the state. After the CRZ was enforced in the State, over two decades back, the High Court has finally stated that shacks are temporary erections comprising of bamboo and palm leaves and does not fall under construction.
As the tourism season is about to begin in full swing the illegal vendors have started setting up the food outlets across the north Goa beach belts which in return affects the business of hotelier from the vicinity. The Mushrooming Roadside Biryani outlets have created major concerns amongst the tourism stakeholders.    
The issue of installations of the digital meters in the Taxis is as hypothetical as moving the casinos from Mandovi River which seldom come into reality, but the stakeholders do not stop their efforts and the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) has served a legal notice to the directorate of transport over the non-implementation of digital fare meters for taxis in the state.
This is not the new thing and many foreigners are involved in the business-related activities in the state of Goa. Although the statement of the tourism minister is not very clear about what categories will involve the restrictions, there are many foreigners in the state involved in the business of hospitality which includes running a hotel and restaurant business in Goa for years.