When the students pay a huge amount of sum for the canteen facilities they are supposed to receive good quality food but that was something that did not happen at the Goa’s premier education institute, The Goa University and following the complaint from the student the FDA was forced to shut down the canteen of University's Men’s Hostel.
Education is the basic right of every citizen in our country regardless of their caste, creed and financial status but practically that does not happen and the good quality education remains the privilege of few. Educational institutions are mushrooming in the state rampantly and the quality of the Government run schools degrades day by day. Is this the system we are looking for? The kids of poor people do not have a right to quality education? What is the government doing to improve the standards of education in the country?
As was the recent case with US-based Glenn Perry, many NRI Goans who return home on a short visit often find that their properties/apartments and even ancestral Portuguese era homes have been usurped by illegal occupants. They often have to resort to a court order to evict these occupants. In 2017, a law was mulled to protect NRI properties, with an Amendment to the Registration Act, but the danger of losing properties altogether continues.
The most serious issue that exists in the city at the moment is the footpath parking, especially when it is done by the most influential people in the town. There is a common belief that the law is made for the common man and it is not applicable to the rich and famous and this true to quite an extent. The people having the influence in the government and police makes the maximum use of the same. Double parking is the most common scenario in the city today. Police turn blind eyes when the improper parking comes in the picture. Besides the double parking, the footpath parking creates more hurdle for the smooth movement of the pedestrians. This new trend is catching up in the capital city of Goa and there seems to be no solution available for this at the moment.
If Goa is the one place in your bucket list to enjoy your sunsets by the beach with some beer, then you might want to reconsider this as the new development in the tourism sector have compelled the government to apply the hefty fines on the tourist who plans to have their own party on the beaches by opening the bottle of liquor.
Girls having the weird experience in Goa is not the new story anymore, especially when the girl do not accompany by man. The recent narration of the upcoming film actress while her trip to Goa alone was one such example of the same. The following is very engrossing narration by two girls who came to spend their vacation in Goa for three days on their so called bachelorette. In the following piece of the article, the author narrates her trip to Goa with her best friend and what kind of treatment they faced especially from the persons of opposite sex. According to her, Goa is everything you can ask for on a vacation and some of what you never ask for too.
The recent case of ATM machine cash robberies involving Russians has not yet reached its initial investigation and more cases of the foreign tourists getting involved in the robberies in Goa have started surfacing in the state. This shows more active involvement of foreign nationals in the criminal activities in Goa.
Overcharging customers for the packaged drinking water, Aerated water and bottle of Beer is a common trend across the country and Goa being one the major tourism destination in India has not been spared from this malpractice done by the retail outlets or hoteliers. According to the new development in the Maharashtra, the Legal Metrology Organisation (LMO) has warned all the hoteliers to not to get involved in such malpractice or else they may have to pay for it.
As the per constitution of India the dual citizenship is now allowed, but despite of that many of the Goans are running after the Portuguese passport, in the hope of acquiring a brighter future out of their comfortable homes. Unfortunately, not all achieve success in their endeavors. The indefinite numbers of Goans that have moved to the UK are immense, these Goans after gaining Portuguese citizenship mainly settle down in London, Swindon and Leicester, not only do they leave to the UK but also leave for gaining employment in the UAE.
If you live in Goa, you might have surely witnessed women selling Mushrooms on the huge leaves on the roadside, but do you know how much that tasty mushroom, that every Goan crave for during the monsoon season, creates the havoc to the forests of Goa? Take a look at this article. After reading this article you may not stop the consumption of Mushrooms, but at least it will give the heads up to them about how much damage we are causing to our ecosystem.      
With over 100 mobile phones stolen from the visitors at Sunburn Klassique EDM Event going on at Vagator in North Goa, it’s not the music alone, but the thieves Steal the Show this year. The Sunburn music festival this year began with the negative vibe due to the death of two Andhra Tourists who collapsed at the venue on the first day of the festival and now the news of Mobile phone theft inside the festival venue have made the things worst. 
After operating for more than one and half year and clogging the drainage with the tons of waste, finally, the Ros Omelette carts have been finally removed by the CCP following the multiple complaints of Dumping the food waste in the drains, surprisingly Municipality took more than one year to realize the ill effects of the carts opening near the school premises!