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How to Save Yourself  From Scams While Travelling To Goa

Planning a trip to Goa? Learn effective strategies to protect yourself from scams and frauds during your visit. Discover key tips and precautions to
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Goa Travel Scam
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When we hear the term Goa, an idyllic vision of beaches, churches, nightlife, celebrations, water-related activities, and hospitality immediately comes to mind. And it’s no wonder that this is the reason that this location is quickly rising in popularity as a tourist attraction. While Goa is generally a safe destination for travellers, it’s always important to be aware of potential scams. In this article, we will tell you how to save yourself from Scams in Goa but first let us see what type of scams you might face while traveling to Goa.

Touts and Fake Guides

Be wary of those who approach you and offer their services as extremely nice locals or tour guides. They can try to sell you unnecessary services or steer you toward expensive stores or restaurants.


  • Tourists are frequently approached by fake advisors and touts without being requested for help. Be aware of anybody who forcefully or continuously approaches you and offers their services as guides, transportation, or lodging.
  • Be cautious when disclosing private information to strangers, such as your vacation itinerary, hotel reservations, or bank information. Scammers might try to use this information to their advantage.
  • Tourists who seem uncertain or easily persuaded are frequent targets of scammers. Project confidence, and if someone attempts to persuade you to pay for something you’re not sure about or make a decision, respectfully decline and go.

Beggar Scams

A cute-looking child carrying a sign that reads “I’m a deaf and orphan kid” will approach you. The child will next request money from you for the procedure or hearing aid, as stated on the placard. However, if you say “police” in front of that child, the child will begin to flee before even noticing whether a police officer is present.

Additionally, you could encounter false beggars on the beach who demand money by flashing their missing legs, which they claim were amputated in an accident.


  • Giving to beggars is generally not advised, regardless of how persuasive they are. You can search online for a reliable charity in Goa if you want to donate. where you may be sure that your money will be used well
  • Most children are pressured into participating in such scams by their parents or immoral organizations that use the proceeds to purchase booze and drugs. The incorrect people will receive your money. Thus, you should disregard them and continue.
  • Politely walk away if they still bother you then threaten them that you will call Police.

SIM Card Special Deals

To stay in touch with family and friends back home and, more crucially, to post tales and photographs on Instagram, you need access to the internet while you’re on the go. This is known to scammers in Goa. They will provide you with a deal that seems unreal. These bargains may appear to save you time, money, and hassle because obtaining an official SIM card necessitates submitting documentation, having it verified, and waiting several days for approval.


  • Buy prepaid SIM cards from authorized retailers for mobile networks. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, and Reliance Jio are a few of India’s top mobile network operators.

Overcharging and Price Inflation

Some merchants could try to overcharge you for goods or services, especially in well-known tourist locations. Always haggle over costs and be knowledgeable about an item’s typical price range. Before buying anything or employing someone for a service, shop around and compare pricing.


  • Investigate the typical pricing range for goods, services, and activities in Goa before your trip. You’ll gain a foundational understanding of what is reasonable from this. To find any notable differences, compare pricing from other retailers or establishments.
  • Be ready to haggle and confirm the price up front whether making a purchase or hiring a service. Before you complete the deal, make sure to express your expectations in detail and secure the final pricing. This may assist in avoiding eventual surprises or abrupt price spikes.
  • Get suggestions for trustworthy merchants, stores, or service providers by interacting with locals, hotel employees, or other reliable sources. Locals can direct you toward trustworthy solutions and frequently have a better idea of what is fair pricing.

Massage Parlor Scams

When approaching young males on the streets, some massage parlours would take advantage of these hopes by making unrealized promises. They assert that other Prostitution services or a “happy ending” might be provided. It was only a ruse to persuade you to purchase a massage; you will just receive a standard massage. Also, there are a lot of massage parlors that would charge you up to twice the original rates while only giving you a basic massage and you cannot rule out the possibility of getting your pocket completely empty in some cases.


  • Find and choose massage clinics that have a solid reputation, are well-established, and have received excellent ratings. Look for organizations with licenses and professionals who place an emphasis on client happiness and follow hygienic and safety guidelines.
  • Be wary of massage clinics that are open on the street or those that don’t have the necessary permits to operate. These businesses might not offer professional services and might engage in fraud or unlawful activity.
  • Make sure the massage therapists are qualified experts with licenses. If required, ask them to show their certifications. A safe and competent massage will be provided by qualified specialists.

Rental Cars & Bikes Scam

Who wouldn’t want to drive with a tropical forest on one side and the sea on the other? In Goa, there are numerous places to rent a motorcycle and a car. When you return a vehicle that has dents in it, even though you didn’t cause them, you may be charged for the dents. In other words, you will be accused of damaging the vehicle and will have to pay overpriced charges to get it fixed.


  • You should always inspect the bike and record a video of it before concluding the purchase. To disprove any claims the dealer might make, you should film the transaction together. You won’t be scammed by the cons of these crafty shop owners because of this.
  • This can be avoided by filming the car When you rent it, which includes the rental agency. You can then use the video to disprove any untrue claims. Simply by filming the video, you can also stop misleading claims because a business won’t want a bad review of them on YouTube or any other platform.
  • Also, You’d be better off locating a trustworthy mechanic and fixing the car yourself if you did cause damage to it. rather than having the business charge you exorbitant costs to rectify it.

Agent Taxi Drivers

Looking for inexpensive alcohol, genuine Indian clothing, etc. Asking a taxi or rickshaw driver can turn out to be a serious error. The commission drivers receive from stores, restaurants, and motels is predetermined. Because the business owner must pay the fee after all, you will almost always end up paying extra when they take you to a specific store.


  • Pay close attention to the officer’s identification, badge, and uniform. Genuine traffic police officers will be identified by their identification. You can ask to view the officer’s official identity if you have any concerns about their reliability, or you can ask for a more senior officer to be present.
  • If you think you’re a victim of a traffic police con, try to covertly record the occurrence. Take down the name and badge number of the officer, record any possible images or videos, and gather any more pertinent proof.
  • Ask to be moved to a more open area, such as a busy area or a local police station, if you feel uneasy or believe fraud is taking place. This may dissuade con artists from continuing their fraudulent schemes.

Fake Games on Beaches

There are several chances to “double your money” with card games as you cruise Goa’s stunning beaches. You may observe other “tourists” winning handily while playing the games. All of these card games are for sure rigged, and everyone who wins is just playing along.


  • Find out where to get what you want to buy by asking the front desk staff at the hotel or hostel. They are most likely not getting commission from anywhere.
  • Another best option is Google.Google will provide you with some reliable recommendations along with reviews.
  • You can also ask other visitors who have spent sufficient time in Goa.

Gem Scams

These are folks who create an incredible quantity of imitation jewels, and you can find them at any tiny shop or street corner. They might earn a substantial profit by peddling false jewels at exorbitant prices. Apart from this, You might also be approached by a dapper businessman who will make you an astonishing offer: transport some diamonds for him to your country or place in exchange for thousands of cash.


  • Only purchase gemstones in Goa from recognized jewelry stores or registered gemstone sellers. Look for long-standing businesses with positive client feedback and a solid reputation. Don’t buy gemstones from shady characters or someone you don’t know.
  • Request a certification for a gemstone from a reputable gemological lab. The authenticity and caliber of the gemstone are confirmed by this certificate. Before completing a purchase, insist on seeing the certificate.
  • To determine the gemstones’ average market value, compare prices at various retailers. A price that looks too good to be true may be a sign of fraud. Be wary of sellers that offer gemstones for far less than their market worth.

Fake Currency Scams

India has a significant issue with cash notes, particularly in tourist-heavy areas like Goa. The con operates as follows… When you pay for a hotel, meal, transport, or item at a market, the vendor may claim that you have handed them a phony bill of exchange. In actuality, though, they covertly replaced the genuine note you gave them with a phony one that they are now returning to you.


  • Firstly check your notes before giving them to the other person.
  • Secondly, You might even take a video of the exchange or take a picture of your money before handing them over.
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