Neomis App is an exclusive first mobile app for Hair, Beauty, Salon and Spa services in Goa. This brings the elegance look of Hair, Beauty and Spa on mobile devices with some of our best features that perfectly fit into your store. We have a 21 year and still counting legacy of services and tradition that we continue to joyfully honour.
People throng to Goa for its pristine beaches, sumptuous food, adventure and westernised lifestyle. As there have been so many different influences on the Goan fashion over the years, hence you can't remember to forget it.
The great Indian wedding season has kicked in. Every stakeholder (real & self-proclaimed) in the great Indian Shaadi bazaar is gearing up to make a killing. All kinds of exhibitions, trunk sales, curated pop-up markets are taking place in every city worth its salt to lure buyers with ceremonial clothing, accessories, occasion wear attire, pre-bridal beauty fixes and even cosmetic procedures to permanently fix a flaw or to alter a feature – everything is selling right now. But truly the real inspiration for weddings in India comes from Bollywood. Of course, the biggest contribution can be attributed to Rajshri films and the Yash Raj banner for glorifying weddings into an entire one-week affair with entire storylines revolving around various related ceremonies and events.
The Concept of LA MODA is generally referred to as vintage, persons and situations of the past have an ironic stance in a unique style. The designs superficially serve as a convenient alternative to those who admire an old style but prefer a modern interpretation. Peach, plums, burgundy, pistachio greens, Navy Blues, Ivory Black, beige, half white are colors played a significant role to get the attire. The collection showcased nostalgia with a dose of cynicism and detachment. The style to capture something from the past and evoke nostalgia fueled by the dramatic look.
Goa has been blessed with many famous personalities in the field of fashion designing; this profession is booming in the state. Ritu Puri is one such renowned designer from Delhi who has set up her boutique in Goa under the banner “Ritu's Creation”. Ritu, who is undoubtedly a Talk of the Town, moved to Goa in the year 2007 after getting married. “After completing my graduation, I went to acquire a degree in fashion and textile designing, and later worked with famous designers like Pragya Samore. I also worked in export houses and buying agencies like Anand Merchandising in Delhi," said Ritu. After moving to Goa, she worked on various freelance projects along with established agencies before setting up her own studio “Ritu’s Creations” in Porvorim.   
Goa is beautiful, a lot of credit goes to the startling impact of the architectural design left behind by the Portuguese; the monuments, their culture and their traditional clothes, which were entirely western, since they belonged to Europe, but what we don’t cease to remember is our past traditions and our ancestors who were residents of the State.