The Fern Kadamba Offers A ‘Value For Money’ Package For Your Wedding This Season

Fern Kadamba Wedding Package
The Wedding Venue at The Fern Kadamba

Nested along Goa’s famous heritage centre route of Old Goa, The Fern Kadamba, offers a very unique, one of a kind wedding experience, combined with an exclusive blend of warm ambience, an exotic location, and above all, top-notch services.

Designed especially at its upscale five-star classified hotel, The Fern Kadamba offers an invigorating experience at its luxury property. Striving towards an eco-sensitive future, The Fern Kadamba has put together a special package offer for weddings this season – nothing, but a ‘value for money’ offer.

The “one of a kind” special wedding package offers a distinct venue for your wedding celebrations with a whole wide range of inclusions, put together by a team of professionals, to give you the best of experience at your joyous occasion.

The wedding industry across India, especially in the tourist capital of the country Goa, has always been a blossoming business. However, the covid-19 pandemic has crippled businesses, with the hospitality sector – including that of tourism – being largely affected.

The Fern’s wedding package comes with a banquet hall or a poolside lawn, which is able to seat a maximum of 100 persons. It also includes entrance and hall decorations, along with a stunning wedding cake, popped with your favourite sparkling wine.

Owing to the current pandemic situation, The Fern maintains a very high standard of safety and hygiene, along with regular sanitisation of the hotel’s property.

Rajeev Kumar, General Manager at The Fern Kadamba assures that the safety and hygiene at the hotel’s properties is considered as an utmost importance.

“The guests will be in a very safe environment. All the persons offering services to our guests at the weddings will also be in complete proper attire. Professional teams will be involved in the weddings keeping in mind all safety norms,” he said.

Furthermore, the package also includes a DJ, a Master of Ceremony, along with a photographer and videographer at the venue. Along with a dance floor to commemorate your togetherness, the package comes with a specially designed photo-booth and an ambient lighting at the wedding venue.

The entire wedding package, priced at Rs 2,35,000/- is a value for money, as it also comes with a gala dinner, including multi-cuisine delectable dishes from across the globe. Above all, the entire package, including the wide-array of menu’s available are very much customizable according to your needs.

“We believe in a customised event. This package is very flexible according to guest’s choice and needs,” Rajeev said.

For smaller sized celebrations, the hotel is even offering the wedding package for 50 persons, at a price of Rs 1,75,000/-. Additionally, both the packages come included with an 18% GST.

The icing of this package obviously, is the one room offered at its five-star classified property on the wedding night for the lovely married couple.

This package by The Fern Kadamba – during the pandemic situation – has been painstakingly formulated to be a complete hit package, keeping in mind middle-class pockets. The package validity is from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Moreover, the hotel is offering the exact same rates even during the peak wedding season of December.

The entire wedding package can be described as an ‘effective and competitive package in today’s scenario’.

The Fern Kadamba, known for its flexible services, appetizing cuisines and warm hospitality is well equipped with modern facilities and eco-friendly toiletries, with all rooms in the hotel being fitted with an energy saver panel.

Its furnishing and art, along with its cuisine, finds itself in resemblance with Goa’s rich heritage.

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