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Little Things in the life Matters the Most – Merlyn D’Silva

There are many stories which teach you not to get discouraged and believe in yourself and the story of Merlyn is no different. Called a black sheep in her school and college days, she came out to be a winner and proved those people wrong. The journey of Merlyn began right from the time she started college. She took part in college events and went on to win the title of Miss Summer Tulip India Pageant in 2014. Today she is a very well-known name in Goa with a few Konkani movies to her credit besides acting in few video albums. How did she reach so far? Let’s hear from Miss Merlyn.  

Konkani Movie Mopa Diary To Unfold Its Mystery on Sunday at ESG Goa

The Konkani film industry is growing by the day with more and more quality contents adding to its kitty. The standard of film making has improved to quite an extent in the recent decade. The first Konkani movie that created the buzz in the state was Nachom-ia Kumpasar created history and the new generation of Konkani movies began since then.

Tapan Acharya – Small Town Boy Turned Movie Star of Goa

A small town village boy coming from a village called Huliye in Canacona, Tapan Acharya’s story is different from the usual children. While most other parents encouraged their children to become doctors or engineers, Tapan’s father was more aware of his son’s potential. He wanted his son to become an actor. Now isn’t that a kind of father you would like to have! Only when your roots are firmly embedded in the ground can you rise high and beyond. Well, Tapan’s parents supported his passion, and he strongly believes he couldn’t have managed as much as he has today without the strong fatherly force urging him to go for it.


Aryan is a very well known name in Goa. He started his career with BIG FM radio as an RJ (Radio Jockey) in 2007 and slowly went to become a TV artist and Goan film star. Highly attractive looking personality with the height of around 6ft and very powerful voice made Aryan a perfect choice for the Goan filmmakers. The talent runs in Aryans blood. All his family members are connected with the various fields of art. No doubt that Aryan has fetched all those in his genes. We say that an artist is the one who has born with the qualities and in the case of Aryan this fits well.

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