Now, thousands of Jobless NRI Goans wants to come back to Goa

NRI Goans in Gulf

The Coronavirus crises hit hard on the developed countries across the globe and many big companies have been forced to pull down their shutters. Goans working across the globe did not remain immune to this situation and now thousands of jobless NRI Goans wants to come back to Goa. According to the reports, the coronavirus …

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Goans Holding Portuguese Passport Need Not Fear of Citizenship Amendment Act

Implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act has brought a sense of uncertainty amongst the people across the county and the opposition left no stone unturned to make the common man’s life miserable by confusing him more. Goa is the only state in India which was not ruled by the British and due to this Goans got the gift of Portuguese Nationality. Now that the CAA is into the force people of Goa had been misguided by certain elements making them feel insecure about their nationality, but the truth is completely different.

12 Goans Settled Abroad Now Applies for The Indian Citizenship to Secure their Property Rights in Goa

Many Goans carry dual citizenship by acquiring the porrtuguese passport and the process still goes on with more and more Goans applying for the Portuguese nationality but here in one of the rare occurrences 12 Goans have applied for the registration for the Indian citizenship to come back to settle down in Goa. Why? Lets take a look at the same here

There are 300 People waiting in a Queue Everyday outside the Portuguese Consulate in Goa to apply for Portuguese Passport

The craze of Portuguese Nationality is growing amongst Goans day by day, looking at the lucrative picture of the entry into the UK via Portugal, there are 300 people waiting outside the Portuguese Consulate every day to apply for the Portuguese Passport, said the Portuguese Counsel in Goa.   

Goans Need Not Worry of Brexit as Portugal is all set to Welcome Them

Brexit is coming in October end and Britain under leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson eventually embraces a most likely no-deal Brexit affecting their residence status there and that will probably close all the doors of EU citizens to the UK, but it will not be end of the overseas dream for the Goan Portuguese Passport Holders as Portugal is all set to welcome them when Brexit stings. There will be something called Golden Visa on the cards that will open new doors of opportunities for the Goans in Portugal, why Portugal is taking this step? Read the complete report here…

Portuguese National Robbed in Goa was sent to Portuguese Consulate in Mumbai by Goa Police

This is one of the shockingly surprising stories wherein a Portuguese national, who was robbed in Goa with all his belongings, was found in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan police station. According to the reports, he was found roaming in front of the police station with just a short pant and no shirt on, and when inquired he revealed that he was sent to Mumbai by the Goa Police after he went to the police station with the complaint of getting robbed in Goa just a few days ago. What is the real story behind this? Take a look here…

Some People misuse the Privilege of Portuguese Citizenship?

The issue of Portuguese nationality is very delicate subject, and it is connected with the pride of some of the Niz Goenkars but, at the same time, there is a need to address this issue, as there are stories about some people in Goa making the misuse of this privilege of Portuguese Nationality for their own benefits.

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