Brexit is coming in October end and Britain under leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson eventually embraces a most likely no-deal Brexit affecting their residence status there and that will probably close all the doors of EU citizens to the UK, but it will not be end of the overseas dream for the Goan Portuguese Passport Holders as Portugal is all set to welcome them when Brexit stings. There will be something called Golden Visa on the cards that will open new doors of opportunities for the Goans in Portugal, why Portugal is taking this step? Read the complete report here…

The article published earlier on this portal on the Brexit’s effects to EU citizens have created lots of waves and controversy about the Goans being part of it or not, meanwhile there are no concrete decisions taken on this issue and the concerned authorities are still working under pressure from the various political arena. But one thing is sure and that is Brexit is the final truth and it is going to step in soon.

There are thousands of Goans living in the UK and most of them have travelled with the help of Portuguese Passport and that makes them a Citizen of EU of which Portugal is also a Part but what will happen when Britain exits from EU? that is still a question of controversy and the ultimate answer may come only when the Brexit will actually come into force.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit

According to the sources, the game will not be over for the thousands of Goans living in UK post-Brexit and its suburbs even if Britain under Prime Minister Boris Johnson eventually embraces a most likely no-deal Brexit affecting their residence status there. 

Portugal, whose citizenship is opted by the Goans mostly to gain access to England (UK) and other EU countries may hold out the red carpet as the country is facing a serious shortfall in the job market and its workforce. 

The report says that there is something called ‘Golden Visa’ Programme under which the white collar emigrant employees will get the residence rights and tax benefits. “The Golden Visa will give the double benefits to the white collar emigrant employees to have them resident rights and tax benefits from the Portuguese Government despite the fact they are not skilled and highly paid, as the government is facing huge constraint of Manpower,” said the sources.

Portuguese Consulate in Goa shows aspirants waiting for their turn

Several other sops are also being contemplated to lure more people, especially those who once lived in the country but left to work elsewhere for better prospects. According to British newspaper The Guardian, a programme to lure former Portuguese residents who worked overseas for at least three years are being lured back and promised 50% off on income tax.       

According to the reports, to help with costs of relocation, including travel and moving household possessions, besides registration of qualifications, up to $7,200 is being offered.

Job hunters still living outside Portugal are also being incentivised by being allowed to register online with Portuguese employment office.

Confusing reports are emerging as to how a no-deal BREXIT would affect the droves of Goans who have set base in London and surrounding areas. The curbing of rights for not being a local citizen in a post-Brexit scenario is a real fear among most Goans there and the move by Portugal to welcome skilled as well as unskilled workforce couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.      

Goans working in EU with the help of Portuguese Passport

According to The Guardian article, Portugal’s unemployment rate dropped from 17 per-cent in 2013 to seven per-cent currently and Corporates already operating there are complaining they do not get enough workforce approaching for jobs.   

According to reports, In 2017, pop singer Madonna, had quit the United States and relocated to Portugal, blaming the American politicians and admonishing the politics of America. Set has set up a home in Lisbon and lives there since.    

What however may not be much of an incentive are the average pay packages in Portugal where average monthly salaries hover around the one-thousand euro mark. But should Brexit overnight eject thousands from Britain, many may opt to relocate in Portugal instead of returning to a hopeless employment scenario back home in Goa.  

SOURCE: The Goan


  1. Before posting information which it totally incorrect and misleading it should be the journalist and the publications responsibility to check the facts before publishing such non sense. The Golden Visa program is citizenship by investment and non habitual citizen incentive is for any Portugese National returning to Portugal after having lived outside of Portugal for over 5 years( which also includes Goans who have newly acquired citizenship) have a reduced tax bill of upto a maximum of 20% for ten years.


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