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Yuvraj Singh Amongst the Many Celebrities Who Made Goa Their Second Home

Goa has become a second home, not only for business-people and celebrities but also for those working in the corporate sector who are in
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Goa has become a second home, not only for business-people and celebrities but also for those working in the corporate sector who are in search of a peaceful and tranquil life. Goa has many high-end properties specially built for celebrities and business – people who are planning to make Goa their second home, and cricket superstar Yuvraj Singh is one of them who chose to live in Goa after his retirement from cricket.    

Yuvraj decided to retire after 19 years of power play on the cricket pitch. In his retirement speech, Yuvraj said that he had been talking to his wife and mom about his retirement for almost two years. “I had been talking to them for 2 years. I told them I wanted to retire and move on. Mentally, I was not happy. But my dad was expecting me to tell him I would retire. He was very happy and he hugged me and he was satisfied with his journey through me. He said he was upset he wasn’t in the team when Kapil Dev won the 1983 World Cup.” 

“These people have travelled all over the world and they feel that Goa is the best place to live in,” says Suraj Morajkar one of the premium property developer from Goa. According to him, his clients are very special and so are their requirements. “They want privacy from the media and a break from their busy lives and we provide them with the properties especially crafted and built to their requirements.”

The place where Celebrities lives in Goa (Source: Sun Estate)

Goa is the safest place for everyone, celebrities and businessmen prefer to have their second home this state. “These people from high places want to live in a place which is away from noise and pollution and Goa becomes their best choice for the same,” says Suraj. 

Goa is not only a safe destination but it is also people-oriented, friendly and culturally rich. Goa follows the culture and custom of the West unlike the other states in India and it is due to the 650 years of Portuguese influence on its culture and custom. Celebrities and businessman want to stay close to nature. All these people who have travelled for more than two decades with their suitcases may be living first time in their house for a longer period of time and where else they will get a place like Goa, which is a great combination of rich culture and custom.

Areas like Morjim in the north are less exploited compared the busy tourist places like Calangute. “These people look for tranquil places,  away from the noise,” says Suraj according to him Yuvraj Singh has already decided to settle down in Goa, Virat Kohli is also hunting for a property here. 

Source: Sun Estate

Sources suggest that another famous cricketer, Ashish Nehra, has already settled down in Goa, in Porvorim. He travels from Goa to Mumbai and comes back in the evening. His kids are also studying here in Goa. He seems to know every nook and cranny of Goa, and he is one of the best examples to show a good life in Goa. Mr. Mohinder Amarnath, also a cricket legend lives in South Goa.

Finally, it is very clear that people from across the globe will continue to be attracted to the notion of living in Goa until such time as it loses its charm, possibly to the monster of development which is taking place across the state. If you also have any such stories to share with us please do let us know. You can drop your suggestions and stories to [email protected]   

Image Souce: HT

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