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What Foreigner Tourists Love about Goa, and why??

Goa, the pearl of the east, frequented by the foreigners on a regular basis. In fact, the foreigners are the major source of income
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Goa, the pearl of the east, frequented by the foreigners on a regular basis. In fact, foreigners are the major source of income for the stakeholders of the tourism industry of Goa, and hence what they like and the things they don’t like must matter to us. Here in this article, we have featured what foreigners think about Goa, and why they keep visiting this tiny beautiful state…    

  • The reason why Goa gets so crowded with Foreigners during the season is that unlike our warm, sunny, skylit Goa, their countries are very cold and snowy all the time. They love coming to Goa and warming their body. It is also an advantage for their extreme milky skin as they lay on the beach getting tanned and acquiring the right skin tone as per their desire. From earthen dressing to the golden beaches, everything makes these tourists happy. All they want is some yummy coconut water, soft music and the aroma of delicious seafood. Most often these people only roam near beaches, shop on the streets and have food on shacks. It is very rare to notice them going to expensive places or fast food joints. They like enjoying the pleasure of Goa’s admirable beauty.
  • Another reason of the foreign tourists visiting Goa is because it is very reasonable here compared to other states, thus we see thousands of tourists having the good time of their life in Goa. Foreigners relate Goa to the exotic place of Hawaii, although, the currency there is high compared to India. Travelling from their homeland is quite affordable due to direct flights available to Goa from some of the countries. For them, visiting Goa is a good holiday planning, because they earn more in dollars and spend less in rupees.   
  • The most numbers of foreigners are the Russians. It is said that the Russian lifestyle and culture is very close to that of Goa, because of the earlier Portuguese rule. Also during our lovely season of summer, Russia has freezing winter which brings many Russians to relax in Goa. Nowadays, there are a lot of signboards, restaurants and store names written in the Russian language. This makes it easier for them to move around and more visitors are comfortable stepping in Goa. Many Russians have even opened their own restaurant businesses in Goa.
  • Because of Goa being such a popular tourists place, the state has very good management and hospitality service, making these foreigners comfortable and satisfied as they come from faraway places to live in our state.  As a duty of the kind Goans, the foreigners are treated with honour. From their food, outings to their stay; everything is taken care of. It is the nature of humans to get fascinated by some things which are uncommon to them, that is why it excites them when they see a foreigner and they try to please them by making the services even better. This attracts them and brings more tourists to Goa.
  • The main factor that highlights Goa is its tiny state. Yes, Goa is the smallest state. If you look at the Indian map and compare its size with the other states, it’s just too hard to notice. But this is a great advantage that Goa has. Tourists can travel all over Goa without wasting much time. It is also easier to travel compared to the transport and traffic in other states of India. The foreigners don’t even mind walking on foot to nearby places as they find interest in window shopping and seeing the different surroundings as they walk.

There could be many more reasons as to why these foreigners are so obsessed with Goa, whatever is the reason we should make sure to give them a happy clean green Goa. If you have any more reasons to give about Goa being a foreign attraction, then please share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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