Goa Education Department Bans Students From Driving Two-Wheelers To School

Students Driving Two Wheelers to School
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School students, especially the minors ride two-wheelers in Goa to the schools without any fear of getting caught, and many a time even the traffic police ignore the same. But this results in a rash rising and road accidents and to avoid the same Goa education department has decided to ban the students from riding the two-wheelers to the school. 

The order issued by the Director of Education Mr. Santosh Amonkar states that the reason behind banning school students from driving on two-wheelers stems from complaints of reckless driving by students. Based on the order, Goa banned the students from riding the bike to school from Friday  

“It is informed that many students are seen using two-wheelers and riding in a reckless manner violating traffic rules,” Amonkar said in his order. 

Amonkar has also urged heads of all educational institutions to address the issue of reckless driving by students with their respective Parents Teachers Associations, while also urging them to ensure that no student should drive two-wheelers to the school campus. 

“It is once again enjoined upon all heads of institutions to address this issue in PTA meeting and ensure that no students will drive two-wheelers to the schools,” the order states.

The new policy will surely result in reducing the road accidents which is taking place due to reckless driving, especially by the young section of the society. This will also save many lives that is being lost due to accidents. 

What do you think about this new development? According to you the decision of the Education department is right? Will this really curb the minors riding the bikes to schools?       

With the inputs from the TOI 


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