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GMC Goa's Apex medical college is always in the news due to mismanagement and this time it is due to lack of water supply the Patients are suffering, they have to carry water cans from home, in some cases, event toilets are kept locked making the life more difficult for the patients. The recent news of VIP culture and water supply made it clear that even the government’s biggest medical facility made for the common man is suffering due to lack of water.   
Waste management is the biggest concern that every developing city faces today and Goa is no exception to that. In fact, Goa is more prone to the situation since it is a tourism-oriented place and garbage disposal is a challenge of enormous scales that the Government is facing. From the Calangute, a major tourism hub, to the capital city of Panaji and further south to Margao, the rubbish monster is haunting everyone. The situation is such that we all know there is a problem but none of us have any idea about a solution. At this juncture, YIMBY enters as Superman by setting up Goa’s first Waste Management Consumer Centre. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has set its foot in India, and everyone is trying their level best to combat it. Strict measures are being taken to save the people of the country. In many parts of the country, schools, colleges,...
Goa was in green zone till yesterday and suddenly seven people entered Goa by road, 6 from Mumbai Maharastra and 1 from Gujarat, all of them were tested positive for Covid-19, said the sources. The health Minister and CM...
One of the beach village situated in the north Goa is named after the Russian fraternity and known as a Little Russia, what more proof does one require to establish that the Russians prefer Goa above all the travel destination in the world. But the question here is, why? What is the reason behind Russians obsession with Goa and Goans? Yes, Goans, cause there are many Russians who have settled down in Goa and half of them are engaged in the business activities of various types.
The news looks to be very pleasing as many senior citizens may get benefits of the new development, but really, will all of them get these benefits? Or is this scheme focused on a limited number of people? This is a very important question as Goa consists of more rural areas compared to urban and Kadamba Buses do not serve or at least have very limited services in these rural areas. 
There is a standard misconception amongst the Goans that Goa gets more migrants from Karnataka and Maharashtra but that is not the fact anymore. It is true that a lot of people from Karnataka and Maharastra have migrated to Goa and many of them have also settled down in the state for a long time but the fact is Uttar Pradesh is giving more migrants to Goa compared to the two major states situated in the neighborhood of Goa.
Goa being one of the major tourist destinations in the India people from all over the country longs to visit Goa at least once in their lifetime regardless of their budget and these tourists are known as low budget or cooking on the roadside tourists. The tourism stakeholders and locals have been opposing such tourism but there is roadmap yet made to stop such practices.
There are several hundreds of British Nationals stranded in the state due to the lockdown with the hope of going back to their country as early as possible and finally, the UK Government made an arrangement for their airlifting,...
The Honeymoon capital of the country is all adorned with vibes of love around this time. Goa needs no introduction when it comes to having fun and partying. Millions of tourists flock this state during New Year’s Eve. But Goa also receives a good amount of tourist footfall during the times of Valentine’s Day. The vibes of this state are what draws honeymoon couples here.
The reputation of any place depends on how people look at it from their perspective and location. There is no doubt that Goa was one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world but lately, a lot of incidents have brought upon a bad name to this state and there are various reasons behind it. It is not alone the death of foreigners that gave this place a bad name but there are several incidents like drug peddling, prostitution, and gambling that created a negative image of this state.
Although Goa is having a very high literacy rate in India and it's per capita income is also highest in the country but yet Goa lags behind in many fields and one of them is the Advanced Crime Detection Systems. The crime rate is growing steadily in the state but the resources are lacking to deal with the situation.