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Around 100 Goans stranded in Maldives seeking direct flight to Goa

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maldives under lockdown
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Goans stranded all over the world are trying to come back to their hometown, but the state government is not yet ready for the repatriation process. The Goans in Dubai have even posted a video on the social media giving the account of their situation in UAE, they have lost their jobs and had left with almost no resources.

The condition of the Goans in Maldives is no different. According to the reports, most of them have lost the jobs and now they want to come back to Goa. The group of around 100 Goans have appealed to the government for a direct flight from the Maldives to Goa.

The sources have revealed that the Goans in Maldives had been offered to ferry in Naval ship to Kochi Port situated in Kerala but they think its highly inconvenient as they will have to undergo 14 days paid quarantine at both the places, first in Kerala and then in Goa.

In a letter written to the Chief Minister of Goa they have revealed the existing scenario. “Maldives has been in a state of complete lockdown for over a month. With no tourists arriving, most of us are stranded in resorts/ local islands with half pay or no pay, diminishing supplies of basic necessities and limited medical facilities,”

They ask to return to Goa at the earliest “while we are still uninfected and healthy”. “The best-case scenario will be that if we can get a direct flight from Maldives to Goa so that we can skip transiting airports,” the letter adds, stating that there are around 60-100 Goans across the Maldives.    

The Goans have also appealed to the NRI Commission for assistance, but are yet to get a response. “ If we take the naval ship to Kochi we are required to do a mandatory 14 days institutional quarantine at our own expense and then arrange for our own transportation to Goa, where we will again be put in paid quarantine,” stated one Goan who has been put on leave with no pay. Scheduled to travel to Goa in April, he is longs to meet his newborn child and wife.

The condition of the Goans in Dubai is no different ask many of them have left with no job and money to pay their bills. The condition of Goans living abroad is getting worst with the time and there is a need of Government taking some measures to repatriate them to Goa as soon as possible.

Source: TOI    

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