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Warning of Heavy Fines For Drinking on Goan Beaches Hardly Makes Any Difference to The Violators

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Fines For Drinking on Goan Beaches
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Drinking On Goan Beaches suppose to attract huge fines that may range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000 for individuals and groups, but that hardly changed anything. The tourists and locals alike keep drinking on the beaches leaving the empty bottles behind. The recent images of the New year Celebration went viral on social media platforms showing hundreds of thousands empty and bottles spread across the beaches in Goa.  

The Goa Tourism Department apparently spends around 10 crores every year on a beach cleaning but despite that, it attracts negative publicity for beaches being dirty with broken bottles spread across which causes injuries to the tourists. Why does this happen? and who is responsible for this? 

The tourists drink on the beaches and leave the bottle behind irresponsibly despite the fact that there are dustbins installed on the entry and exit points of all the beaches in Goa. But the people who drink on the beaches take it lightly and to stop this malpractice the state Government had decided to impose higher fines. 

According to the reports, more than a year has been passed for the introduction of a law to curb nuisance in public places, the tourism department has also spent crores of rupees to install the signboards about the Dos and Don’t on all the beaches in Goa but things did not change.

The signboards clearly indicate that those found violating the law will be punished but that hardly made any difference as the recent case after the new year party the popular beaches in North Goa was filled with the liquor bottles spread across everywhere.

This time despite Covid’s situation across the country, hundreds of thousands of domestic tourists came down to Goa to celebrate the new year and what they left behind is all the empty and broken bottles on Goa’s famous beaches. 

There were also reports of visitors sustaining injuries after accidentally stepping on broken glass bottles lying scattered in the sand. 

“Once we have a dedicated tourist police force, we will be able to have better control,” tourism director Menino D’Souza said while pointing out that help from the police department would be instrumental in implementing the law.  

D’Souza further said that all litter left on beaches on New Year’s Eve was lifted the next day. “While waste is cleared three times a day, it is difficult for the workers to spot every small piece of glass under the sand,” he explained. 

There is a need for strict implementation of the law instead of just spending the money on the signboards across the beaches besides this there is a need for people getting educated on how to use the public property cause it is not alone the tourists who create the mess on the beaches and other tourists interest places but locals also have lions share in this.    

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