The issue of Portuguese nationality is very delicate subject, and it is connected with the pride of some of the Niz Goenkars but, at the same time, there is a need to address this issue, as there are stories about some people in Goa making the misuse of this privilege of Portuguese Nationality for their own benefits.
Once, in rare expansive mood, Manohar Parrikar then Goa CM remarked that, he is at pains to see the long queue of Goans, outside Portuguese consulate seeking Portuguese passport. Little did he do, to halt this silent rejection by average Goans, of the state of affairs in their home land under his tutelage. At first opportunity, he deserted his Goan brothers and sisters for furthering his own prospects in the process abdicating his tall pre-election promises.
This is a very serious topic and a very important, lingering question. Goans, it seems, do not like outsiders: whether they be tourists, labourers or business-people. There might be several reasons behind this behaviour and most of the time it’s not wrong. We have done some research and tried to get you the best possible answers to this most asked question. Take a look…   
The group of around 100 seafarers who arrived at MPT Goa on Thursday had been denied the entry into the state due to coronavirus threat and they have been asked to go to Mumbai for a checkup and follow...
Following the discharge of 61 seafarers from the institutional quarantine facility situated in Panaji Goa another 150 seafarers are set to arrive in the state this week, but this time they will be quarantined in south Goa. According to...
Thousands of Goans, mainly from a Catholic majority, migrated to Pakistan in search of employment and they settled down in Karachi which was part of British India and after the partition they became Pakistani, but their heart and soul always remained in Goa and now after the introduction of CAB they become worried if they will ever be able to come down to Goa again as they have properties here
It is said that the Portuguese rulers had conferred the Portuguese nationality on the Goans born in Goa prior to December 1961, and their children and grandchildren. That means every Goan born in the state of Goa prior to December 1961 becomes a citizen of Portugal by birthright, and the same is applicable for their children and grandchildren, but despite that, the issue of Portuguese nationality remains a major subject of controversy. This article is not about the controversy, but the people of Goa and their juggle with the Portuguese nationality.
Implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act has brought a sense of uncertainty amongst the people across the county and the opposition left no stone unturned to make the common man’s life miserable by confusing him more. Goa is the only state in India which was not ruled by the British and due to this Goans got the gift of Portuguese Nationality. Now that the CAA is into the force people of Goa had been misguided by certain elements making them feel insecure about their nationality, but the truth is completely different.
Making fake certificates for getting jobs is not a new thing in our country, some people even manage to get fake certificates of MMBS and Engineering, imagine the consequences!! Perhaps many falling bridges and dying patients into the government and private hospitals are results of the same. Here we are talking about the Goan youth travelling to foreign countries with the help of face certificate. 
The Corona Virus which started from China’s Wuhan city has slowly spread across the world and anything and everything that connects with the travel across the globe came under the scanner of the coronavirus. In one of the recent case of Cruise Ship being hit by the Coronavirus have discovered that there are several Goan Seafarers who work on the said Cruise-liner are stuck onboard of Diamond Princess.
The life of Goans working in the UK is not the bed the bed of roses as it is assumed, they have to face a lot of challenges while working and staying there. Right from the cost of living to the work environment is very harsh there compared to our country, but despite of that they still prefer to migrate to the European Countries with the help of Portuguese Passport. Here in this piece of article, we have tried to put some light on the challenges faced by Goans living in the UK.  
Goans Holding Portuguese Passport has always remained in controversy, and different people have a different opinion about it. Some say Goans are dual citizens by privilege while others say that dual citizenship is not allowed in India and Goa is an integral part of India it is also applicable to Goans. Now the new issue of Citizen Amendment Act is haunting the Goan Portuguese passport holders. While the ruling party members are praising the passing of CAB in Parliament the legal professional from the opposition has a different opinion about the Goans holding the Portuguese Passport. According to them Portuguese passport holder Goans will not be allowed to return back to Goa post CAB comes into the force. What is right and which one is wrong let us take a look at it in this article.