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Another 150 Seafarers set to arrive in Goa this week

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150 seafarers arrives in Goa
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Following the discharge of 61 seafarers from the institutional quarantine facility situated in Panaji Goa another 150 seafarers are set to arrive in the state this week, but this time they will be quarantined in south Goa.

According to the reports, More than 150 Goan seafarers from two vessels anchored at Mumbai port and expected to arrive in the state this week, will be quarantined in South Goa.

According to the sources, 86 crew from Karnika and 71 from Norwegian cruise liner Seven Seas Voyager, has just arrived in Mumbai, and they will be disembarked in Mumbai port and send them by road to Goa. 

“We have granted NOC to Karnika on Tuesday. Now it’s their responsibility to bring them back as fast as possible. They will have to manage the transit permit from the Mumbai police,” ports secretary P S Reddy told TOI.

According to Mr Reddy, the Goa Government is likely to issue the NOC to them on Wednesday for the return of 71 crew members of Seven Seas Voyager. “They have applied for a NOC. We will issue it on Wednesday. In the meantime they are getting other clearances,” Reddy said.

Goa Seafarers going home
Seafarers going home Image Credits: Heraldo

Just like the previous case once the seafarers arrive in Goa, they will have to undergo the 14 days paid quarantine period in the state despite the fact that they have already been quarantined in the vessel which is slow steaming to India to complete 14-day quarantine period at sea.    

The crew of both the vessels will be quarantined for 14 days on their return to Goa. “They are passing through the red zone so they will be tested and quarantined. We have given the companies options in South Goa and they’re identifying them,” Reddy added.

The 61 crew members from Marella Discovery breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday as they returned to their families after completing 14-day quarantine at a hotel in Patto. They will have to undergo home quarantine for 14 days and their hands were stamped before leaving. They were all tested negative for COVID-19 on arrival at the quarantine facility two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, sixteen crew from domestic cruise Angriya who arrived in Goa on Monday began their 14-day quarantine at the company’s resort situated at Chorla Ghat.

Source: TOI

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