There were several rumours making round in the state right from early Sunday morning speculating the health conditions of Goa’s CM and in the event the CMO office had issued a statement saying Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is “extremely critical” and the doctors are “trying their best”,

The BJP sources on Sunday morning have revealed that they are already in the phase of “political transit” in the state despite their earlier statements that the government is “stable”.

In the meantime, the rumours of Kamat Joining BJP and he that is offered the post of CM started making rounds in the media. Most of the national media covered the news of Kamat leaving Congress and joining BJP.

In the midst of this, the news of Shri Manohar Parrikar’s demise flashed in the media. According to the reports, the condition of CM had started deteriorating from Saturday and was unable to open his eyes.

The news first appeared on The Lokmat portal claiming the Mr. Parrikar breathed his last on Sunday late evening. “His blood pressure kept dropping and he was unable to breathe and the sudden drop in his blood pressure resulted into his death,” said the Lokmat online news media.

Soon all the media in Goa came up with the news of Mr. Parrikar’s Demise. With the demise of Parrikar, Goa lost one most powerful leader.


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