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Pramod Sawant to be the next CM of Goa??

The state of Goa is mourning due to the demise of Manohar Parrikar did not stop political gurus to take a halt for some
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The state of Goa is mourning due to the demise of Manohar Parrikar did not stop political gurus to take a halt for some time, in fact, while the mortal remains of Parrikar were taken to the Kala Academy, the politicians started lining up at Goa’s five star property, to sum up, the new political equations.

The politicians do not have any feelings and regards to anybody and what matters the most to them is power and to retain that power senior BJP leader enters in Goa early morning and meeting of BJP alliance were summoned at the five-star hotel situated in North Goa.

The demise of Parrikar created a sense of uncertainty amongst the political arena as Congress was waiting for the opportunity to claim their Majority, but before anything happens, the BJP high command enters into Goa and started working towards holding the fort from losing.

There is always been a prevailing uncertainty in the Goan politics, as everyone is power hungry and wanted to get at the helm, but it is the central leadership who finally manages to hold the fort.   

When the issue of leadership comes in, BJP always wins the race as they have a very stable format of their own. Most of the time, they do not fight over the leadership issue and once it is announced anonymously they accept it. The decision of senior leaders is respected in the BJP camp while in the case of Congress it is the opposite. 

Congress, on the other hand, do not have strong leadership, and there is a sense of instability in their own camp hence no alliance parties prefer to come to the Congress camp leaving their existing positions.

Right from the beginning when Congress was the lone party having the majority number of seats to form the government in the state, the BJP managed to oust them by joining the hands with independents and regional parties.

According to the NDTV reports, following the demise of Parrikar, the ruling BJP struggled on Monday to stabilize its coalition government, with a narrow majority along with two allies and independent members. In the race to find Manohar Parrikar’s successor, the BJP’s Pramod Sawant seemed to have an edge but allies Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and Goa Forward Party (GFP) have rejected him, sources have told NDTV. The Congress’s 14 lawmakers are at the Governor’s house to press for an invite to form the government.              

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari rushed in Goa soon after Manohar Parrikar’s death, held meetings with allies that ended at 5.30 am. When the BJP suggested the name of Pramod Sawant, the assembly Speaker, allies said they would rather have the assembly in suspended animation until there’s a solution acceptable to all. 

In the meantime, the news of Congress’s Digambar Kamat, a former chief minister, has been in the middle of a buzz after his sudden trip to Delhi amid reports that he was being pursued by the BJP. He denied that he was in Delhi to meet the BJP leadership.

“My programme in Delhi was finalized 2-3 days ago, there was no question of meeting anybody. I don’t have any offers from BJP, these stories were planted by vested interests. I’m not bothered about the leadership or the Chief Minister’s post,” Mr. Kamat told news agency ANI

Now the situation remains stagnant with the name of only candidate coming forward for the post of the next Chief Minister of Goa while the coalition is in the struggle with the post of new CM, who will be the CM of Goa, only time will tell… 

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