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Goan Showbiz Extravaganza in Qatar – May Queen Ball 2023 Held

The 23rd May Queen Ball, held at the prestigious Radisson Blu ballroom in Doha, Qatar, on 11th May '23, was a dazzling display of
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The 23rd May Queen Ball, held at the prestigious Radisson Blu ballroom in Doha, Qatar, on 11th May ’23, was a dazzling display of showbiz and entertainment. Organised by the Goan Welfare Association (GWA) under the visionary leadership of President Simon D’Silva, this glamorous event attracted Bollywood celebrities and distinguished individuals from the global Goan community. With its perfect ambience, fabulous decor by Orbit Events & Marketing, and captivating lighting, the May Queen Ball truly lived up to its reputation as a signature event cherished by Goans worldwide.

A Night of Fun and Delight

The evening pulsated with joy as attendees revelled in dancing, relishing the warmth of old and new friendships, and being delighted at every turn. The luxurious surroundings and lavish amenities added to the enchanting atmosphere, as the ballroom came alive with a mesmerising interplay of streaming illumination and dazzling lights of various hues, casting an enchanting spell upon every nook and corner.

Unforgettable Performances

The event was replete with unforgettable performances that captivated the audience’s hearts and left them wanting more. The popular Goan band, ‘The Forefront,’ specially brought in for the occasion, serenaded the night with their soulful music, infusing the atmosphere with spontaneous energy. Global sensation Sanio Fernandes mesmerised everyone with his grand style, enthralling the audience with nostalgic Goan melodies. DJ Sanaa’s scintillating sound waves catered to the new genre, keeping the crowd energised and engaged throughout the night.

Captivating Comperes

The veteran host from Goa, Updesh Swar, and the flamboyant Anunsya D’Cunha, based in the USA, took centre stage as the comperes for the evening. Introduced to the audience by Kuwait-based guest Gasper Crasto, they brought their flowing charm and electrifying energy to the forefront, effortlessly captivating the crowd with their banter and stage presence.

May Queen Ball 2023

Crowning of the May Ball Queen

The pinnacle of the evening was the highly anticipated May Ball Queen contest. A bevvy of beauties from India, Canada, the Philippines, and Kenya participated in this prestigious competition. After a series of catwalks and tough-notch questions, Krystle Fernandes from Qatar emerged victorious as the esteemed May Ball Queen. The crown was graciously placed upon her head by the distinguished Bollywood star, Arjun Bijlani, who graced the event as one of the chief guests. Janet Muli from Kenya secured the first runner-up position, while Hazel Faith Catulong from the Philippines was declared the second runner-up. The presence of esteemed guests, including actress Smita Bansal, Aldona MLA Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira, and Supt. of Customs Robert Cabral, added to the grandeur of the occasion.

Launch of the Global Goan Association

The May Queen Ball also witnessed the launch of the Global Goan Association, an initiative demanding dual citizenship for Goans. Adv. Carlos Ferreira, expressing his admiration for this groundbreaking endeavour, envisioned its potential to inspire other Indian states to follow suit and ultimately benefit from this cause. GWA President Simon D’Silva highlighted the association’s key objectives, emphasising its role as a platform for fostering interaction between the Goan community in Goa and those residing abroad. Additionally, it aims to promote cultural, artistic, economic, and academic activities across the global Goan diaspora. The Portuguese Ambassador to Qatar, H.E Paulo Neves Pocinho, graced the event as the chief guest and shared his thoughts on the occasion.

Felicitations and Honours

In their annual felicitation ceremony, GWA bestowed special artefact mementoes upon individuals who have made exceptional contributions and achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. The honorees included Dr. Mohan Thomas, an outstanding Indian businessman and philanthropist in Qatar; Supt. Robert Cabral, recognized for his promotion of Konkani music, art, and culture; Miss Chloe Buward, an exceptional young Goan singer; Ms Ashney X. Rebello, lauded for promoting Goan art and culture internationally, and Miss Olesya Dias, the Indian National Champion off-road motorbike rider from Curtorim, Goa.

Distinguished Guests and Delegates

The event welcomed esteemed invitees and delegates from far and wide, including Brunette Pereira from Scotland, Anunsya D’Cunha from the USA, Ashney Rebello from Canada, Robert Cabral from Goa, Gasper Crasto, Norman Noronha, Salvador Dias, and Ramdas Revadkar from Kuwait, as well as Edson Fernandes and Ryan Gomes from Saudi Arabia. GWA spared no effort in ensuring their guests’ utmost enjoyment, offering a deluxe sumptuous buffet that energised the audience, who danced with renewed vigour until the wee hours.


The successful execution of this extravagant showbiz event was made possible by the dedicated members of the Goan Welfare Association. The core team, consisting of President Simon D’Silva, Vice President Paul Fernandes, Director Administration Hazel Rodrigues, Director Finance Pradeep Kotkar, Director Events Cajetan Rodrigues, Director Cultural Effey Noronha, Director Public Relations Deepshika Barretto, Director Sports Avon Paulo Colaco, Director Media & Social Welfare Mohamed Malik Panali, Director Planning & Coordination Allan De Souza, and Resident Director Tanya Rodrigues, worked tirelessly to ensure a memorable experience for all attendees.


The Qatar May Queen Ball, with its mesmerising blend of glamour, entertainment, and cultural pride, captivated the hearts of Bollywood celebrities and distinguished Goans from around the world. The event’s remarkable performances, the crowning of the May Ball Queen, the launch of the Global Goan Association, and the felicitation of outstanding individuals added to the evening’s allure. The Goan Welfare Association’s dedication and the support of the event’s sponsors were instrumental in making this showbiz extravaganza an overwhelming success. The May Queen Ball continues to be a beacon of pride for Goans worldwide, fostering unity and celebration of their rich cultural heritage.

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