There are many Goans living abroad for the purpose of work or study and many of them have acquired the citizenship of other countries and this NRIs contribute a certain extent to the economy of Goa. Earlier the Aadhaar card was issued to the residents-only but now with the new development will result in allotting the Aadhaar Card to Non-Resident Indians too, at the time of their arrival into India.
Brexit is coming in October end and Britain under leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson eventually embraces a most likely no-deal Brexit affecting their residence status there and that will probably close all the doors of EU citizens to the UK, but it will not be end of the overseas dream for the Goan Portuguese Passport Holders as Portugal is all set to welcome them when Brexit stings. There will be something called Golden Visa on the cards that will open new doors of opportunities for the Goans in Portugal, why Portugal is taking this step? Read the complete report here…
The Brexit will be coming into force from the 31st October which will result into restricting the entry of all the EU citizens in the UK for the purpose of stay, work or study this will lead to end the freedom of movement, said the sources. Over the years, plenty of Goans have availed the Portuguese passport and become citizens of Europe. While the majority of them have settled in the UK and have managed to make out a good living for themselves, the thought of Brexit is enough to make everyone worry.
Goa has become a hub for the migrants to settle down and change their names with Goan origin and recently the frequency of changing names has increased drastically. It takes just a release of an advertisement in the newspaper with and a lawyer who guides this process to change the name and to stop this malpractice the Goa government have come up with the strict warnings for the people who change their names illegally and most probably this will reduce the ongoing rampant process.   
There is a standard misconception amongst the Goans that Goa gets more migrants from Karnataka and Maharashtra but that is not the fact anymore. It is true that a lot of people from Karnataka and Maharastra have migrated to Goa and many of them have also settled down in the state for a long time but the fact is Uttar Pradesh is giving more migrants to Goa compared to the two major states situated in the neighborhood of Goa.
The title of this post might shock you but it is the fact and brings out the dark side of the land grabbing cases going on in the state of Goa in the name of transfers. Since 2014, the Serula Communidade Land allotment, have been attracting attention for the wrong reasons, all due to the illegalities found and with even the former minister embroiled in the controversy.
With lots of hue and cry about the migrants getting the major stakes in the jobs available in Goa, the Goa Government has now decided to offer the 80% stake to the Goans in the jobs available in the factories. According to the sources, the Goa Government is now planning to reserve “80 percent” jobs in the industrial units receiving state government subsidies for the people of Goan origin; the Legislative Assembly was informed on Wednesday.
In the month of February earlier this year, as reported in the Herald, the news of a migrant Mallappa Masmardi changing his name to Mark Mascarenhas went viral on social media giving a rise to a speculations on the issue of threat to Goan identity due to the frequency in which the migrants changing their names in Goa. Public notices of these name changes keep appearing in the newspaper on a daily basis.
Dual citizenship issue had been haunting to Goans for more than a decade as with the new developments in the foreign policies there is a possibility of losing the citizenship of India but, when the OCI scheme was introduced by the Ministry of External Affairs, many Goans, who held dual citizenship of India and Portugal, were asked to choose between either country. However, for many who have opted for the OCI, their advantages in their home country remain intact
Earlier in February this year, it was reported that 87 Indian sailors were stranded aboard five cargo vessels which were apprehended by the Indonesian navy on the grounds that they were anchored in their territorial waters.  Although the crews have been sending out several SOS, very little is being done for them.  A Goan from Panaji, who is among this group of stranded sailors, recently spoke of his plight and has once again requested authorities to act immediately so that he may be reunited with his family in Goa at the earliest.
Recounts of Indian expats including Goans residing in the UAE and Middle East countries paints the picture that is far from rosy and flourishing as we are often led to believe. The Arabian dream for many has become a nightmare particularly after the 2014 meltdown in Gulf countries. Many Goans are on their way back from UAE and other Middle East countries in a search of a better life. 
The situation looks alarmingly uncertain for Goan Portuguese Passport holders residing in the UK. With Brexit looming large and PM Theresa May’s departure, the future does seem bleak for Goans in the UK or those just arriving there. However, the good news is that those who have settlement status, their stay is likely to be long-lived.