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It has been an unsteady boat ride for Goans for months now. Everyone knows that Mr. Parrikar has been suffering from Pancreatic cancer for several months, which is now in its advanced stage. Despite going through all that pain, he has not given up his position as the Chief Minister of Goa and continues to be there doing all his duties right from his hospital bed. There is so much written in the media about Mr. Parrikar and his greed for the CM’s chair. But do you know what may be the reason behind the decision of not giving up his position?
Imagine a situation where a guest at your home starts disrupting the environment. He/she throws his clothes around, wastes the food you cooked, leaves the tap on in the washroom, walks in with mucky shoes, drops and breaks a glass, puts on the television without asking you or opens your fridge and begins eating anytime etc.  How would you feel? Annoyed and angry right? Well, the exact same thing happens when one goes to someone else’s homeland and begins all scandals.
Loud music, Jet-skis, lights, and shacks, isn’t it all very exciting? You may enjoy to the core but along with fun, a life has to pay the price of enjoyment. Case in point- turtles! Usually, these slow creatures are not taken into much consideration, but wake up! Sarita Fernandes, a strong believer and ‘saviour’ helps volunteers from the local village of Morjim and brings their story to light. These volunteers have been working zealously since 1989, as a part of the forest department team under Temporary Labour Service.
Tourist is not only guests but also someone who brings the revenue to Goa. They need to be treated with respect, but that is not practiced regularly. There are several incidents of tourists getting fleeced and this article is based on the feedback tourists gave. It throws light on how they feel about Goa and Goans.
Goa was ruled by the Portuguese rulers for almost half a millennium, the deep impact of which is evident on the customs and culture of this tiny state. Goa was the hub of Roman Catholics between the 16th to 19th century to stop and punish heresy against Christianity in South Asia. The Colonial Era was a time when the Portuguese Government ruled along with the Jesuit clergy. Their main task was to persecute Hindus. In the era known as Goa Inquisition, several hundreds of thousands of Hindus were converted to Catholicism but suspected by Jesuit clergy of practising their previous religion in secret were punished. This article will take you through the details of the Inquisition of Goa in the Colonial Era. 
The political scenario in Goa is not same as the rest of India. People of Goa are more simple and adaptable to the circumstances. They do not like the change as compared to the people of other states in India. Before BJP became the strong political power in the state, Congress used to rule, and similarly, MGP was an indisputable ruling party during the tenure of Shri. Dayanand Bandodkar, who became Goa’s first Chief Minister after the liberation of Goa from Portuguese Rule. This trend shows that people of Goa do not like to get adapted to change very easily, and now Goa without Parrikar has come to standstill politically and socially. What will be the consequences of this? How long will this situation exist without the strong leadership? 
Recently there was a full series of difficult dialogues on Gender equality in International Centre, Dona Paula, Goa. It stressed on Empowerment of women and problems faced by them in overcoming the gender inequality. Each year the international women’s day is celebrated with more and more fervor and is soon approaching this year too. But the Problems related to women and their empowerment increase in manifolds.
There are almost 15 thousand criminal cases that are pending in our state ‘Goa’ from which, around 4000 cases are pending in South Goa Courts alone and around 11,000 in North Goa Courts. To think about it, how is it that a peaceful state like Goa, can have so many cases pending? and also to note that; there has been a rise in the criminal cases which have been reported compared to 2016. So, is it our legal system that is lacking or are the crime rates on a full swing?
The voters from south Goa having the Christian majority are more upset on Vijai Sardesai and the same can be seen on the social media. “It is a shame that the man who swore by Goem, Goemkar, and Goemkarponn has backstabbed the people. The man who accused the party of the U-turns is now aligning with the very same party. We should be ashamed of this. Let us pray to God so that these people at least understand what shame is,” remarked a priest in one of the Churches in minority Salcete during the early morning mass on.
The 2017 Goa Assembly Election results were declared on the 11th March which was Saturday. The results made Congress a single largest political party in the state with 17 seats in their account. BJP managed to secure the second place with just 13 seats this time and rest had a very negligible share. The speculations of Congress is going to form a government this time started in the media. But Congress, as usual, became carefree due to their victory and switched back to take it easy policy.
The Indian mythology and Indian traditions & culture does not show the traces of the existence of the Christianity in India and hence the same may be applicable to the Goa. History of Goan Catholics recounts the history of the Indian state of Goa from their conversion to Christianity to date. No concrete evidence has been found that Christianity prevailed in Goa before the Portuguese arrived, but it is believed that St. Bartholomew, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, brought and spread the Gospel in Konkan including Goa, just as St. Thomas had done in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern India.