Pothole on The Road Claims one more Life in Goa, People Agitate, Authorities Silent

The potholes on the Goan roads have become the subject international fame with the amount of media converge, in fact there are few music albums have also been released in Goa showing the pathetic condition of Goan roads, but despite all the efforts Government authorities seems to have to turn blind eye to the reality and now one more life has been lost, who is responsible for this? The potholes on the Roads, the concerned authorities or the Goans? 

How Edible Wild Mushrooms Are Turning into Ecological Threat for the Forests of Goa?

If you live in Goa, you might have surely witnessed women selling Mushrooms on the huge leaves on the roadside, but do you know how much that tasty mushroom, that every Goan crave for during the monsoon season, creates the havoc to the forests of Goa? Take a look at this article. After reading this article you may not stop the consumption of Mushrooms, but at least it will give the heads up to them about how much damage we are causing to our ecosystem.      

The Blue Flag Certification Of Goan Beaches will Affect the Fisherman Community in Goa?

There seems to be a negative response from the fisherman community in Goa for the Blue Flag Certification as they feel that the certification process will lead to hampering their business. Goa’s pristine beaches will be soon coming under the Blue Flag Certification program as directed by The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. What is this Blue Flag Certification and how it will affect the fisherman community and other businesses set up on the Goan beaches?   

Goan Villages Are Still Dependent on Indian Postal System Due to Lack of Mobile Network

You may be surprised but it is true. In this world of advanced infotech, there are several villages in Goa that does not have a good mobile network and the villagers are still dependent on the Indian Postal System which is on the verge of getting extinct.   

A Youth Injured in Illegal Bull Fight Organised by Locals at Goa Velha

Bullfight or ‘Dhirio’ in Konkani, was once upon a time a popular sport in Goa. It is the most savage game where one bullfight another and usually takes place in an open area with a bamboo fence created to constrain the bulls. The bulls are bred and trained to fight and it often attracts a huge crowd. But despite the ban on bullfight the locals keep organizing this life-threatening sport and in one such incident, a 24-year-old youth was severely injured after he was gored by bull involved in the bullfight.   

Government Planning to Start the Private Medical College in Goa

Goa Medical College situated in Bambolim is Government Medical College and Hospital in Goa and is one of the oldest medical colleges in Asia. While Goa’s age-old Medical College is in doldrums and the government is planning to start the private medical college in the state. It’s perhaps the old habit of the Government that builds bridges when the roads are in pathetic condition.

Goans not Happy with Decision of Archaeological Survey of India to Register Private Antiques within 15 Days

The decision of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has created a wave of controversy across the state of Goa and many Goans have not welcomed the decision of ASI to register the private antiques within the time frame of 15 days. The real reason behind the decision of the ASI is not yet known, but not many Goans are happy about the same as most of them owns a huge amount of antiques in their several hundred-year-old Portuguese Houses, and it is practically impossible to register each and every item with the ASI.

Portuguese Civil Code applies to the Properties of Goans anywhere in India, rules Supreme Court

Goa is under the Portuguese civil Code despite its Independence from Portuguese in the year 1961. The Goa Civil Code, also called as the Goa Family Law is largely based on the Portuguese Civil Code (Código Civil Portugués) of 1867, which was introduced in Goa in 1870. Portuguese left Goa in 1961, but the civil code was retained, and it is this single code that governs all Goans irrespective of religion, ethnicity or linguistic affiliation.

Goa is Far Behind in the Advanced Crime Tracking Systems compared to the other states in India

Although Goa is having a very high literacy rate in India and it’s per capita income is also highest in the country but yet Goa lags behind in many fields and one of them is the Advanced Crime Detection Systems. The crime rate is growing steadily in the state but the resources are lacking to deal with the situation.     

Adios to Victoria Fernandes, “Mummy” : The Pioneer of the Opinion Poll in Goa

Goans across the state are today both mourning and celebrating the life of “Mummy” as she was so fondly named. With a humble personality, she is revered amongst the masses, earning people’s love and respect and with her demise, Goans have lost an important jewel in society. 

Goa’s Beautiful St. Jacinto Island May Stop Outsider’s Entry Over Rising Nuisance

Goa has quite a few lovely islands and they are alway from the traffic and noise of rampant development that Goa is presently going through, but despite that the growing curiosity about the place amongst the tourists and locals alike makes this place prone to the nuisance, and to avoid further damage to the surroundings the villagers of St. Jacinto Island have decided to stop the outsiders from entering the Island.      

Plush Housing Complexes in Miramar, Caranzalem Become Breeding Grounds for Dengue and Malaria

The development comes at the cost and rampant development in the capital city of Goa without proper infrastructure has left the city into the state of misery. There is a lack of water supply no proper drainage and the huge load on the electricity. Now you may wonder how the plush luxury housing complexes can become the reason for spreading Dengue and Malaria, let us take a look at the following report.      

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