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A Youth Injured in Illegal Bull Fight Organised by Locals at Goa Velha

Bullfight or ‘Dhirio’ in Konkani, was once upon a time a popular sport in Goa. It is the most savage game where one bullfight
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Bullfight or ‘Dhirio’ in Konkani, was once upon a time a popular sport in Goa. It is the most savage game where one bullfight another and usually takes place in an open area with a bamboo fence created to constrain the bulls. The bulls are bred and trained to fight and it often attracts a huge crowd. But despite the ban on bullfight the locals keep organizing this life-threatening sport and in one such incident, a 24-year-old youth was severely injured after he was gored by bull involved in the bullfight.   

Goan bullfights involve betting with huge sums of money by the owners on their bulls. People in the crowd back their favorites and a lot of money is often made or lost in one game. This game though exciting is also dangerous given that there is a lot of bloodshed involved and people getting injured by bulls running amok.

Bullfighting was banned in Goa in the year 1998. Before the ban, some Goan politicians have appeared as the chief guests for such bullfights, and even owned fighter bulls. Announcements regarding these bullfights could be made in the local dailies and even a vehicle with a loudspeaker moving through the village. It was considered to be a sort of entertainment for the villagers.

The locals throw water on bulls to neutralize the bulls

According to the sources, in one such illegal bullfight in the village of Velha Goa led to a youth being gored by a bull that ran amok. Word got around after the Sunday morning mass that a bullfight would be held in the evening behind St. Andrew’s Church. As per sources at The Goan, the bullfights would be held in the fields around the Sacred Heart of Mary School.

Three fighter bulls were brought and tied up in the vicinity in order to prepare for the evening’s event. But things didn’t go as planned and one of three bulls broke free from its bindings and went out of control, either due to anger or excitement and gored a horn into the youngster’s pelvis.

The youth, Santosh Dodamani, in his 20’s, from around the area, was gored by the raging bull, but fortunately, the bull disengaged and ran off in another direction before calming down.

Dodamani who was in agony and in a semi-conscious state was rushed to GMC’s Casualty Ward and was administered preliminary treatment for supra-pelvic injuries, a little before 7 pm.

According to the Dean of the Goa Medical College and Hospital, Dr Shivanand Bandekar, although the boy’s condition is serious, he is out of danger and there is remains no threat to his life.

Police dispersing the crowd gathered to witness a bullfight

The Aggasaim Police had not booked any case with regards to the alleged illegal bullfights scheduled to be held on Sunday at Goa Velha. Police Inspector Uday Gawade, who is in charge of the police station, was not available but the constable, who was in attendance said, that a preliminary inquiry would be conducted by a police sub-inspector.

Despite the ban in force, impromptu bullfights are organized across Goa on a regular basis and usually in pre-dawn or post-dusk hours on weekends. Places especially in South Goa and in certain places like Taleigao, Santa Cruz and Caranzalem in North Goa, organize these bullfights illegally.

Source: The Goan

Image Source: Outlook India

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