Around 30% Government Staff Engaged into Private Business in Goa

In Today’s competitive world everyone looks for the option of a second income and get engaged into the side business to make little more money. It is quite fair for the individuals provided that they do not work in Government departments. But in Goa whooping 30% of the Government staff are involved in “Side Business”

Free Tiffin for the needy throughout the year in Goa

In an attempt to eradicate hunger in the capital city, Caranzalem and Bambolim a group of working professionals headed by Dr. Kedar Padte are providing free tiffins to the needy, on a daily basis, under their ‘Niradhar Shidha Tiffin Service, under the aegis of the ‘One World’ organization.

Deaths of Foreigners Creates Concerns Over the Safety of the Tourists in the State

The reputation of any place depends on how people look at it from their perspective and location. There is no doubt that Goa was one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world but lately, a lot of incidents have brought upon a bad name to this state and there are various reasons behind it. It is not alone the death of foreigners that gave this place a bad name but there are several incidents like drug peddling, prostitution, and gambling that created a negative image of this state.

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