Free Tiffin for the needy throughout the year in Goa

In an attempt to eradicate hunger in the capital city, Caranzalem and Bambolim a group of working professionals headed by Dr. Kedar Padte are providing free tiffins to the needy, on a daily basis, under their ‘Niradhar Shidha Tiffin Service, under the aegis of the ‘One World’ organization.

Understanding the plight of human beings who are starving, irrespective of their status, ‘Niradhar Shidha Tiffin Service’ (NSTS), a tiffin- service based in the capital city provides a tiffin on a daily basis to anyone who is needy, helpless and does not have access to food, especially in Panjim Caranzalem and Bambolim.

Started almost a year ago on August 18, 2018, the service was started by a group of working professionals headed by Dr. Kedar Padte, under the aegis of ‘One World’  in an attempt to eradicate hunger in the capital city.

According to the Goa, Dr. Padte in his address to a press conference explained that the idea to start a free tiffin service for the needy arose last year when a WhatsApp video was forwarded to him showing a Mumbai-based doctor Uday Modi who had started a service of the kind in Mumbai. Padte, whose organization was already involved in several social campaigns, decided to start this service as well. Other members who volunteer for the free tiffin service are Madhavi Kamat, Deepashree Bharne D’Melo, Vishvesh and Shreya Gaunekar, Suraj and Rekha Kande, and Gaurav and Durga Velingkar.   

According to the source, Dr Padte explains there are no criteria or eligibility required to come forward and ask for the service, and that the service as of now was being provided to 17 people in Panaji.

He reiterated that ‘One World’ would provide the service to anyone irrespective of age, religion, caste, class, sex, political affiliation and any other man-made boundary. He further clarified that even if the person comes from a well-to-do family, but does not have access to food, they will still be provided with the tiffin without judgment. “Those who cannot look after themselves and do not have support from anyone can also come forward,” he added.

Explaining how the process works, he says, once the person approaches the organization an NSTS member visits the beneficiary to ascertain the person is indeed needy. A consent form is then obtained from the beneficiary, and their identity is not disclosed to anyone so that no one feels ashamed or embarrassed about having to come forward and ask for food.  The organization is housed at Citadel Building, first floor, opposite Mayo Medico, Panjim market.   

Members also explained that the food, provided in steel dabbas, was a substantial amount and could last one person for two meals. Every day, volunteers collect the previous day’s empty dabba and provide the beneficiary with a full dabba. The food is home-made.

Besides doing their part, ‘One World’ hopes to inspire anyone from any other part of Goa to start a service of the kind.   

Source: The Goan

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