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How The Fake Certificate Led to Deporting of Goan Youth from the US??

Making fake certificates for getting jobs is not a new thing in our country, some people even manage to get fake certificates of MMBS
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Making fake certificates for getting jobs is not a new thing in our country, some people even manage to get fake certificates of MMBS and Engineering, imagine the consequences!! Perhaps many falling bridges and dying patients into the government and private hospitals are results of the same. Here we are talking about the Goan youth travelling to foreign countries with the help of face certificate. 

Here is one such case reported in the month of January wherein a 30-year-old youth was deported by the US government for having a fake job certificate. The story is not as simple as it looks like and it was not the complete mistake of the youth but another person was involved into getting him into the US with the help of fake certification, let’s take a look.

Based on the report published by Goa Prism in its January Edition, a 30-year-old Goan was deported from the US over the issue of a fake job certificate. This youth paid more than 3 lakhs to the Agent who is accused of preparing a fake employment document.       

Valezio Fernandes who is a victim of a fraud is a resident of Maina Curtorim in south Goa and he was deported by the US government to back to India via British Airways flight number (BA-119) has now become the co-accused on the fraud case. The reports say that he was nabbed by immigration officials. He was handed over to Kempegowda International Airport police for further probe.

For the police, the one whom they nabbed is considered as an accused while in reality the entire thing was cooked up by the local agent who helped the accused to get into US immigration with the help of fake documents.    

The story goes like this, the victim (now accused of fraud) Valezio Fernandes had completed his SSC in Goa, and later he joined six-month Hotel Management course, in a way to get the job abroad.  

After completing the course, he worked as a cook for a hotel in Goa for a period of three years, and Later on, he went on to work on the ship for six years where he came in contact with the main culprit (second accused) Savio, who promised him a job abroad. 

Savio agreed to arrange an employment certificate and visa for him in exchange for Rs 1.5 lakh. Following this, Valezio paid Savio Rs 75,000 and tried to travel to New York from Mumbai airport on December 23, 2018. But he failed due to technical reasons and had to pay Savio Rs 1.2 lakh more, after which he travelled to New York from KIA on December 30.      

According to the New India Express, Fernandes was duped by the agent Savio “Fernandes was duped by an agent who handed him an offer of employment from Domino’s Pizza in the Cayman Islands. The agent collected an advance of Rs 75,000 from him out of the total fee of Rs 1.5 lakh. He tried leaving from India to the Cayman Islands via the Mumbai airport, but immigration authorities insisted on a police clearance certificate.”

Later on, it was revealed that the agent became greedy and started demanding Rs. 1,22,000 instead towards the flight tickets, besides all the other charges which he had collected from the victim. Somehow Fernandes managed to reach to the US, where the police were already waiting for him.  

They deported him back to Bengaluru. Fernandes has been booked under IPC Sections 420 and 465, and investigations are on. The immigration fraud has been taken very seriously in the USA and this includes the US-born nationals of foreign origin.

This case perhaps becomes an eye opener for the other Goans who constantly working on getting into the EU countries with the help of Portuguese Passports. Making use of the fake documents will not only lead to the destruction of all your future prospects and the permanent closure of the doors to your distant dreams.

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