Beach Shack is Not a Construction and It Does not Harm Ecology, says High Court

Goa known as the sunshine state of India is known for its beach and nightlife. What with Goa being on the threshold of another tourism season, stakeholders in the tourism industry are on their toes preparing for arrivals of tourists as well as grating permissions and renewing of licenses of various hotels, shacks, restaurants, guest houses, transport as well as sports activities in the state. After the CRZ was enforced in the State, over two decades back, the High Court has finally stated that shacks are temporary erections comprising of bamboo and palm leaves and does not fall under construction.

Goa has more than 300 illegal Guest Houses Operational in the State, Claims TTAG

The Hospitality industry is booming in Goa despite the falling tourist count the number of hotels and guest houses is mushrooming across the state. But while the business is growing so the illegalities. In one of the recent survey done by Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), it has been revealed that there are more than 300 illegal guest houses are operational in Goa, the actual figure may be much more though.    

How Does The Thomas Cook Bankruptcy Will Affect the Tourism Industry of Goa?

There is a saying, when cyclone strikes, all the big trees get uprooted and that is exactly what happening globally to many bog companies after the meltdown, there are many big companies have gone bankrupt in the past and now it is the time of Thomas Cook one of the biggest Multinational company engaged into the travel business. What happened that cannot be changed but the effects of it will go a long way and Goa is one of the major tourist destinations might have an adverse effect on the tourism industry this year.       

No Need of Beach Shacks as They Create Problems for Tourists, says TTAG President

There is a huge commotion over the issuance of the licenses for the shacks in the state from various agencies and the recent announcement made by the CM that no more permissions will be issued to the shacks until Coastal Zone Management Plan is submitted to the center has created a disconnect amongst the shack owners. In the meantime, the president of TTAG has issued a statement that the shacks are creating problems for the tourists and hence the numbers need to be truncated.

While the Senior Citizens Bear the Brunt of Taxi Strike in Goa, Locals Create Social Media Group to Help Tourists

Goans by nature are very helpful of course except for some exceptions. The strike called out by the Goa Taxi Operators have led to disrupting the entire tourism industry in Goa. with thousands of people traveling to Goa to take advantage of the Monsoon tourism packages offered by the various hotels in Goa, the strike of Taxi has spoiled all their plans. The major setback comes to the elderly people whose we address as Senior Citizens, but to save them from all the troublesome Good samaritans from across the state have formed a WhatsApp and Facebook group called Go Goa.

No More Use of Plastic Bottles, Cups and Straws in GTDC Hotels

Plastic Bottles

Use of a plastic in the place like Goa which is one of the major tourist destinations in the country needs to stop as the plastic is a big threat to the environment and to take the first step towards it the Goa Tourism Development Corporation has announced that they will be scrapping the use of all plastic materials, such as plastic bottles, Straws and Cups in its headquarters as well its hotels (GTDC Residencies) across the state. with the new development in place within the time of three months, all the GTDC residencies and its head office will be made plastic-free zone.

Colva’s iconic Foot Bridge now on Shaky Footing

Colva is the only beach selected amongst 11 other tourist destination in India to be developed under the Iconic Tourist Sites Development Project by the Ministry of Tourism. Yet, despite over 11 crores allotted for the beautification of this iconic beach, it remains in shambles, especially it’s foot-bridge which posing danger to the tourist walking over it. Meanwhile, GTDC and PWD keep passing the buck.

Working on Reversing the trend of declining tourists to Goa

The Decline in a tourism business has become the fate of Goa and with every year the number kept coming down.  The number of international tourists arriving in Goa during the current season has declined by almost ten percent. To reverse this trend during the coming tourist season, the State government is undertaking various measures. Let us take a look…

Now People with wheelchairs, and other mobility problems will be able to use The Taxi Service in Goa

Taxi service has always been an issue for the tourists coming to Goa due to various reasons, may it be the issue of overcharging or harassments, but with the time, things have started changing, and the first step towards that was the introduction of the first APP based taxi service of Goa by GTDC called “Goa Miles.” Now Goa Miles have gone one more step ahead by getting associated with of Ezy Mov to provide sustainable tourism in Goa. 

Amphibian Bus Service – The Ambitious Project of Goa Tourism Development Corporation that Never Took Off

GTDC, also known as Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the autonomous body of the Department of Tourism to handle Marketing and promotion of tourism-related activities in Goa came up with many ambitious projects but, most of them either did not take off or remained dormant due to the lack of foresight and planning. Amphibian Bus Service or Duck Boat project that was launched by the GTDC in the year 2016, unfortunately, is one of them and the bus is standing under the GTDC office at Patto.

Massive Dip in Tourists this season due to inflated food and stay costs makes the stakeholders of Goa Tourism industry check on their booking and food prices

Goa is considered to be an expensive place compared to the other states due to its high capita income and availability of manpower. The manpower is the major hurdle many businesses face in Goa and tourism sector does not remain unaffected with that. Normally the assessment of the business activity takes place when there is a major dip in the business and something similar seems to have happened in the case of Goa.

Conservation of Turtle Nests at the Goan Beaches – Awareness and Protection

The Turtle nesting on Goa beaches has been part of its environment ecosystem before 1991. But due to the surge in Tourism, witnessed in the last ten years (specifically in the last five years where the jump is massive), has negatively impacted these Eco-sensitive zones. Since then, the forest department along with support from the government, and the locals have made numerous efforts for its conservation.

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