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Goa; A state is known for its contrasting culture and significant values, is now seen producing youth, that withdraw themselves from their identity to
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Goa; A state is known for its contrasting culture and significant values, is now seen producing youth, that withdraw themselves from their identity to follow the so-called ‘Western Culture’, most even migrating after the 10th Grade.  But is it only the clothing, lifestyle, and country that drives them towards drifting away from their homeland?

After interaction with some of my friends, that have moved to countries like the US, UK, Australia etc. I have come to realize there were many reasons for their migration, however one point stood strong: EDUCATION, OPPORTUNITIES, AND RESERVATION: because of the ‘Reservation System’ the ones who are really deserving do not get an opportunity and hence are left in dismay and frustration. So, is our education system and job opportunities lacking?

Countries like India, where it seems robots are not necessary because parents now consider our generation to be the same, even better.  We follow a ‘Ratta Mar’ system wherein 10% is practical work and appearing for the ghastly entrance exams and simply cramming lines, from textbooks that seem most needed and is a test of your intellectual capabilities and 90% mugging that seems pointless in the end, because we do not learn nor do we perceive. The complete reverse is followed in most countries abroad, hence you can see countries leading the way, they lead because their base has been strong.

In Goa, what is sizable noticed is the fact that only two types of students may be completely accepted at high schools and higher secondary schools:

1.       The “Cramming- Textbook- Words” or Parrots.

2.       The Jocks

Why? All the state board needs you to do, Is either mug up well enough to secure distinction or throw oneself into sports activities to have your ‘extra marks’ well secured.

What about the youngsters that understand well, who are capable of answering an exam with originality yet practicality and they still don’t obtain good grades because the education system demands that every student mug up the textbook.

What about the students that spend an equal amount of time out of the four-walled classrooms and put in as much hard work in other co-curricular activities like Art, Music, Dance etc.

Donna Dias, a law student in Goa, states that “My school life was all about passing exams and failing in the real world.”

A Goan studying in London says “I moved here because even though my home state and country gave me the education I wanted, it couldn’t give me the job I needed. The opportunities and routes to various careers are amazing here”

However, there was also an affirmation of the state being their origin of values that they wouldn’t have acquired there.

The 10th and 12th board examinations are not the ends of the world. Students study a little harder and answer the same way they would write any other term examination. What causes the hassle?

Even after performing extremely well in the terms, students tend to end their lives just because the State boards make the 10th and 12th exams seem like a do or die situation.


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