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Goa has a very rich cultural history prior to the invasion of Mughals and Portuguese. A lot of historical structures were either destroyed or converted by the invaders into their own domain, but despite that they could not erase the traces of Indian culture from it, and today when historians dig little deeper, they find a gold mine of rich culture buried under the debris of the old structures. The story of Alorna Fort is no different.   
With summer on the brink, it’s time to chill and sip some wine as Goa brings its 15th edition of The Grape Escapade 2019. The Department of Tourism, organizes every year Goa's premier food & lifestyle festival, the Grape Escapade; the much-awaited Wine festival is a celebration of the finest of everything - food, fashion, and entertainment.
Nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis has disrupted the entire business industry in the state, and most affected amongst all is the real estate developers and tourism stakeholders. The tourism business has come to complete standstill, while the...
Taking advantage of the abolition of commercial driver’s badge, government employees are now raking in the moolah doubling up as taxi drivers in their free time, severely cutting into the business of commercial taxi drivers
A sighting of a tigress with her two cubs at Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary, after a tiger sighting at Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park at Mollem, has given a fillip to sanctuary officials’ efforts to track and protect our endangered tigers
The most serious issue that exists in the city at the moment is the footpath parking, especially when it is done by the most influential people in the town. There is a common belief that the law is made for the common man and it is not applicable to the rich and famous and this true to quite an extent. The people having the influence in the government and police makes the maximum use of the same. Double parking is the most common scenario in the city today. Police turn blind eyes when the improper parking comes in the picture. Besides the double parking, the footpath parking creates more hurdle for the smooth movement of the pedestrians. This new trend is catching up in the capital city of Goa and there seems to be no solution available for this at the moment.
Gambling has many forms, it starts with very basic Satta matka and goes up to sophisticated spinning a roulette. It all depends on how much one can bet and that decides which gambling activities to get involved with. Amongst all the form of gambling, the Satta and Matka is one of the most notorious and conferred to be an illegal activity by the law enforcement agencies.
The seventh edition of Goa Arts and Literature Festival is by far the biggest, broadcast and most spectacular literary gathering to take place in Goa from 8th to 12th December 2016. Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2016 Inaugural Programme, OPEN AND FREE to all, will be at 5.30 to 8.00 pm on Thursday, 8th December 2016 at Entertainment Society of Goa, Maquinez Palace Complex, Panaji - Goa
The fact is many Goans and hoteliers do not want Russian tourists in Goa due to various reasons, but a severe drop in Russian tourists has to lead to a dip in the business of many hoteliers and shack owners which amounted into creating an atmosphere of tension amongst the stakeholders of the tourism industry of Goa.
After privatizing most government undertaken companies, the Central Government has now decided to bring preserved monuments and places of tourist attraction all over India under a project called “Adopt a Heritage” wherein private sector companies will be given charge of these monuments for a period of five years. The companies will be known as “Monument Mitras” (friends of monuments) and they will have the authority to charge fees deem fit the same.