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Mapusa Rivulet Turned into a sewage water reserve, Authorities turning a blind eye to it?

This is one of the most serious issues that none of the authorities including the local MLA is looking into. The Mapusa rivulet that
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This is one of the most serious issues that none of the authorities including the local MLA is looking into. The Mapusa rivulet that is used for Ganesha Immersion every year has become a sewage water reserve inviting various health hazards to the people of Mapusa. Everyone knows about it and people see the same day in and day out but surprisingly none of the authorities including the local MLA has bothered doing something about the same.

The central government is spending a huge amount of money in propagating the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) but when we look at such examples we really start believing if the people know the meaning of staying clean? or the Mapusa city is not the part of it?

The tiny coastal state lies among the lush green forests, beaches and many prominent rivers. The beauty and serenity of this place are inexplicable. The state is home to many rivers like Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Terekhol.

Here we are talking about the Mapusa rivulet which is completely contaminated due to the negligence and carelessness of the authorities and the locals who are adding to it by throwing the garbage and draining the sewage water into it. 

What is supposed to have been a rivulet is just a thick stream of black liquid filled with garbage and idols of Ganesha lying stagnant. The so-called rivulet is one of the tributaries of the Mandovi River and is located in the Bastora region near Mapusa.

Garbage Dump near the Mapusa Rivulet

The foul smell emitted by this rivulet is repulsive and disgusting. It is a really unfortunate sight to see idols of deities stuck in the black pool of garbage liquid and no one seems to take up the charge of cleaning it.

The rivulet is now a stagnant ground to sewage water, plastic waste and breeding place for diseases.

Shreha Dhargalker, a resident of Siolim stated that “In 4th September 2018, WRD Minister Vinod Palyekar came in with the JCB and cleaned the rivulet, which created deep trenches in which later, the water started to collect but the garbage at the mouth of the rivulet has clogged the entire river flow”. This has resulted in the water to stagnate and garbage to pile-up clogging the passage with mud.

The residents of the village claim that there has been no proper maintenance work done by the responsible Panchayat or the WRD Department. They stated that the ‘tari’ is still in a bad condition and is worsening day-by-day and accuse the authorities of not being bothered about it.

This rivulet has now become a dumping point of garbage. It is sad that this unhygienic place is chosen for immersing Ganesha idols during Ganesh Chathurti. The sight of this deep trench is as revolting as its smell, with idols stuck and plastic bottles around them. This makes one question about what initiative the authorities are taking.

There is a group of people who are working towards the betterment of Mapusa city and they have brought this entire issue in front of Incredible Goa team. Our mission is common, all of us wants to see Goa becomes the incredible place in the world and we will do whatever is required to do for the same.    

Speaking on the same, Shreha said that this garbage must be collected and dumped in front of the houses of the Panchayat members instead of throwing garlands and bursting crackers.

People of this village share their concerns regarding the hazards this rivulet can bring in form of diseases. Such an unclean environment and foul smell is very unpleasant and pose a threat to the nearby residents.

A driving force behind the movement to clean the Mapusa Rivulet

The villagers are trying to raise this issue and bring it to the notice of the officials requesting them to take an action against this. It is disappointing to see that people have to bear such conditions and live amongst the unhygienic place.

Apart from food and shelter, a basic sanitation facility is a must for healthy living. Initiatives like Swach Bharath Abhiyan are still encouraging people to clean their surroundings while situations like this still exist around the corner.

This not only affects the residents but also the reputation of the state. The concerned officials must come up with a solution and bring about cleanliness in the rivulet.

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