How the Portuguese Passport Holders Enter into the UK for Jobs with the Help Of Fake Documents?

There have been many cases lately come up in the media about the Portuguese Passport holders entering into the UK with the help of fake documents, but the question is how does that happen and who is at fault, the beneficiary or the people who are running the business of creating fake documents? Here is an article that will give you complete insight into this serious issue.    

There is no doubt that everyone with the help of Portuguese Passports want to enter the UK in search of better prospects, but all of them do not get an opportunity due to lack in education and other reasons and here the role of the middleman comes into the picture who prepares the grounds for such people by enabling them to enter the European Countries with the help of fake documents.

With the advent of technology and innovations, a lot of things have come to the possibility in this era. With a growing population and rising globalization, there is a very tough competition in the world. The world has currently become a rat-race where we hustle every day to make the ends meet. While some work hard and honestly in their job, some choose the easier path. In doing so, they meet consequences that are detrimental.

Goa is granted with the privilege of Portugal Citizenship wherein a Goan can apply to be a citizen of Portugal which lets him/her work and settle in European Countries. This exclusive privilege has helped Goan in many ways since the job opportunities available in Goa is quite less. People resort to moving to countries like the UK to earn a living or get an education.

The UK has become a sort of second home to the Goans. While there are lengthy procedures involved in granting citizenship and getting a job abroad, many people seem to choose the shortcut for the same.

The rising cases of fake documents being made to attain Portuguese passports and seeking a job abroad are causing major concern to the government of Goa. In the recent case, A Goan was deported to Bengaluru from New York on Tuesday after US immigration officials found his employment certificate to be fake. 

According to Goa Prism Report, Valerio Fernandes, 30, a resident of Maina Curtorim in South Goa, landed in the city on a British Airways flight (BA-119) and was nabbed by immigration officials. He was handed over to Kempegowda International Airport police for further probe.

There have been many cases of fake certificates and passport being made by rackets in the past. There has been a similar case of fraud certificates in the year 2016. According to Daily Mail, Thousands of Indians entered Britain illegally using fake documents bought from criminals exploiting an immigration loophole was exposed.

An estimated 3,000 Indians have entered the UK in this manner with the help of a gang operating in Lisbon, London and Leicester, paying the criminals up to £22,000 a time. Around 3,000 Indians obtained the passports with false birth and marriage certificates provided by the gang.

When it comes to certificate scam, there are two cases: one where the client is aware of documents being fake and is willingly using them to get to abroad and find a job. In such cases, the so-called agent from the rackets demands money to issue the fake certificates. While on the other hand, these agents look for prey to snatch money from by luring young people, promising them to get them a job abroad. The agents demand money from these people with the promises of getting them to the UK. Most of the time, the clients have no clue that they have been involved with such rackets that provide fraud certificates.

These rackets snatch a huge amount of money in the process and if refused to pay, they threaten to handover them to the officials. The clients most of the time, are poor with high hopes of getting a job abroad in order to earn a living. They become easy baits for such rackets. Especially, young people often are seen as prey as they are most likely to be convinced.

It is surely unfortunate that people choose such illegal methods and misuse their privileges. Portugal has granted this privilege just for Goans and is rightfully theirs, but still many are seen to resort to inappropriate ways which most of the time leads to bad consequences.

The Portugal Government on account of such incidents will have to soon take up strict measures to avoid such misuse of rights. The police of Goa are also working hard to expose these illegal rackets and expose these fraudsters.


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