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Goa Tourism Department To Launch A Mobile APP To Keep Check of Illegalities on The Beaches

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Goa Tourism Department To Launch A Mobile APP
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After trying all the possible ways to stop the illegalities taking place on the beaches of Goa the Tourism Department of Goa has taken another shot to stop this by launching a mobile app to keep track of the same.

The department will give access to this particular app to the lifeguards, shack allottees, and the beach wardens. Having access to the app, these entities will report any kind of wrongdoing that took place on the beaches of Goa to the Tourism Department through this app.

There are reports stating that the stacks are occupying extra space on the beach and putting more deck beds which attracts more visitors to the beach and causes the practice of illegal activities by many. 

“We are aware that shacks put more deck beds than they are permitted. But when we go to check, they are already removed. The app will help us to keep them in check as photo evidence will be available,” stated an official to TOI.

The official also said that the app will also come in handy against those consuming liquor on the beach. Once the authority, in this case — the police, is notified, it will have to take immediate action.

One of the biggest issues faced by the authorities is the presence of hawkers on the beaches. No commercial activity, other than beach shacks and photographers is allowed to operate on the beaches.

“The stakeholders will have a duty to inform about the presence of hawkers through the app. Once a complaint is posted through the app, the department will know if the action has been taken and if not, and question the same,” the official said.

Another advantage of the app, he said, is that they will know if shack operators choose to be silent about illegality that may happen in his vicinity as it may be reported by another stakeholder. “There is a scope for questioning shack operators on the basis of the complaints received,” the official further added.

It is often seen that these beach hawkers are employed at the shacks as cleaners or washers and enjoy immunity when police or the tourism department go to take action. 

“They sell their goods or operate as massage therapists in their spare time, but rush to the shack they are employed at if police are spotted. In fact, they have informers spread across the length and breadth of the beach and at any hint of police coming after them, they disappear,” a shack operator said.

According to the reports, the Tourism Department will launch the app by the end of February this year.

“The app is being created by Goa Electronics Ltd. It got delayed due to the pandemic, but they are now readying it for rollout within a month,” the official said.

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