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In recent years, Goa has witnessed a falling rate in the tourist footfalls and this has brought worries among the Tourism Stakeholders. In order to discuss these issues, a high-level meeting chaired by Tourism Minister Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar and was called upon by the tourism stakeholders and experts, who discussed the decrease in tourist arrivals this season
This may not be the first case wherein the victim had to lose his life due to the lack of medical facilities and doctors in the Public Health Centre in Goa. Most of the health centres situated in the rural and semi-urban areas do not have the basic medical facilities or the doctors to handle the serious cases and by the time patient reaches to the GMC or District Hospitals most of the times succumb to the injuries.
He was on a tour to Cape Town in South Africa when he breathed his last after a prolonged sickness. A noted poet and politician Mr Vishnu Surya Wagh had left this world on the 8th February 2019, his body will be brought to India soon, informed his wife.  He was 53 and struggling with his illness after the stroke he faced in the year 2016. He passed away in South Africa on the 8th of August while on his vacation to Cape Town.   
With the rise in the levels of pollution, a lot of efforts have been made to come up with alternatives that are nature-friendly and affordable. In recent times, pollution due to vehicles is causing major concern.  As a means to curb this, e-rickshaws have been surfacing in many states of the country. Although talks of launching this “Green vehicle” we're going on from past few years, finally this green-initiative will be soon launched in Goa.
The Honeymoon capital of the country is all adorned with vibes of love around this time. Goa needs no introduction when it comes to having fun and partying. Millions of tourists flock this state during New Year’s Eve. But Goa also receives a good amount of tourist footfall during the times of Valentine’s Day. The vibes of this state are what draws honeymoon couples here.
Mr Manohar Parrikar will go down in history as one of the most dynamic politicians and strong leaders in the Goan politics because no one would have been capable to bring back the BJP into power despite its drastic loss in the last assembly polls. Nevertheless, the self-motivated leader was out of the public domain for quite some time due to his serious pancreatic ailment and the public saw him the first time when he made his appearance for the inspection of a bridge with a fine plastic tube inserted into his nose. 
Now the overstaying of foreign nationals won't be taken lightly by the Goa government, said the sources. Foreigners who come to Goa on Tourist or work visas normally tend to stay longer than their allowed duration which is illegal and to avoid this malpractice the government of Goa has opened a detention centre in Mapusa, Goa.
Procuring a job is a major issue in the state of Goa and due to non-availability of the Government jobs a lot of Goans prefer to leave the state in search of better prospects outside, some lucky ones with the Portuguese passports migrate to the UK and other European Countries while the rest of them prefer to search their destiny in places such as Mumbai and Bangalore, but there are those Niz-Goenkars who do not want to leave our land and decide to stay here in a hope of getting some good government jobs and are normally seen queued up in front of many government offices and this is a story about them.
It is a bitter truth that everyone knows but many do not want to talk about. The Goans who migrate to various countries in search of better prospects have a lot of strings attached which most of them do not speak about, but that fact remains that they really face tremendous hardship to maintain the status quo. This story is about two Goan youth who were working in Saudi in very pathetic conditions.
This is one of the frequently asked questions by tourists who come down to this tiny little state for business and vacations. Goa, which is turning into a business hub slowly, is also one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the country. There were several efforts made by the government to regularise the fares of taxi service in the state but every time the operators threaten to cease the operations if any reform measures are attempted.