This may not be the first case wherein the victim had to lose his life due to the lack of medical facilities and doctors in the Public Health Centre in Goa. Most of the health centres situated in the rural and semi-urban areas do not have the basic medical facilities or the doctors to handle the serious cases and by the time patient reaches to the GMC or District Hospitals most of the times succumb to the injuries.
In South India, a Devadasi is a girl “dedicated” to worship and serve a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. There is a special ceremony for this kind of dedication which is similar in some ways to marriage. After becoming Devadasis these young women would spend their time learning religious rites, rituals, and dance. They had children by high officials or priests who were also taught their skills of music and dance.
Goa is the place where every house owns or at least two or more vehicles for the purpose of commuting. Since public transportation lacks in the state, there is no other option but to have own vehicle for the purpose of transportation, but the lack of infrastructure and civic sense amongst the people causes a chaotic traffic situation at various places in the state and schools situated in and around the city are more prone to this.
As a matter of fact, Goa and Goans are dependent on the supply from the neighboring state for the Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, and even Milk, and the heavy rains clubbed with the landslides in the different parts of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka has resulted in short supply of all the essential commodities causing the prices to skyrocket in the state.
Gambling has many forms, it starts with very basic Satta matka and goes up to sophisticated spinning a roulette. It all depends on how much one can bet and that decides which gambling activities to get involved with. Amongst all the form of gambling, the Satta and Matka is one of the most notorious and conferred to be an illegal activity by the law enforcement agencies.
Traffic congestion and haphazard parking have led to ever-increasing chaos in the city. To streamline both these, the CCP has once again re-started pay parking on two of the busiest roads in Panjim – 18 June road and Atmaram Borkar road from July. Fees will be applied on per hour and hiked on a pro-rata basis.
Goa is not just your dream vacation but it is a fantasy that everyone wants to bring into reality. Many dreams of going to Goa at least once in their lifetime and some even want to acquire property here to spend their retirement in this heaven. But regardless of what knowledge you have about Goa and Goans, there are many myths that most of the tourists believe are a reality.
Lots of people travel to Goa during the monsoon since it is the time everyone gets the best deals on hotels and they spend much lesser on the clubs and restaurant compared to what they would otherwise spend during the season but despite all the good things there is one thing that can go wrong is commuting from one place to another. The taxi strike called by the Association of Tourist Taxi Owners of Goa (ATTOG), an umbrella union of taxi drivers with 30,000 affiliated private taxis might turn your travel plans into the regretful experience. If you are traveling to Goa during the taxi strike, here is what you should know…
While on the one hand Goan cabbies are fighting with the government to revoke the Goa Miles app they are facing the challenge of installing the digital meter on the other hand as the High Court of Bombay at Goa has issued a notice to all the cabbies to get the digital meter installed on or before 1st August. This action came into force following the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa and other stakeholders of tourism had approached the High Court over the installation of the digital meter in tourist taxis. 
The recent case of ATM machine cash robberies involving Russians has not yet reached its initial investigation and more cases of the foreign tourists getting involved in the robberies in Goa have started surfacing in the state. This shows more active involvement of foreign nationals in the criminal activities in Goa.