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Goans are born with one additional blessing compared to any other Indian and that their right by birth to be eligible for the Portuguese Passport and with the help of this many Goans have migrated to the UK and other EU countries in a search of better opportunities but the passing of Citizenship Bill in Parliament has created and fear of insecurity in the mind of many Goan Portuguese Passport Holders, and to add up this the Congress Legislative Party has called it a doom for the thousands of Goans who have obtained a Portuguese Passport. But is that true? Let us take a look at it in this article. 
There is nothing more important in the kitchen than the onion as most of the recipes need a stint of onion and some of the important dishes cannot be prepared without the Onion. with the Onion hitting the mark of 150 rupees in the marketplace things would turn unpleasant during this festive season. Onion is supposed to be one of the most essential commodities and the government does not seem doing anything to control the prices of the same, but no one would leave an opportunity to play the politics over it.
IFFI, the oldest film festival in Asia, began in the year 1952. An annual event IFFI was hosted by different cities every year, until the year 2003. In 2004, IFFI was organized in Goa and since then it has been held every year in this tiny little state. Now the new concept of IFFI village is coming into the picture and most probably the same will be ready before the inauguration of the 50th version of IFFI in Goa
Anjuna Flea Market is one of the famous Hippie Markets in Goa that lead to a process of starting the Flea Markets in Goa. The Foreigners doing business in these Flea Markets is the major charm of the place and the new initiative taken by the Goa Police to set up the Police Desk in the Flea Markets to keep watch on the Fake Visas, but the real question here is whether the real purpose of it will be fulfilled or the foreigners might get harassed on the name of Visa??
Cyclone Kyarr unleashed its wrath in Goa last week and wreaked havoc in certain parts of this tiny state. The three days of the cyclone, between October 23rd -25th led to destruction in remote parts of the state, flooding in major cities, destruction along the coastal belt and sadly destruction of paddy fields as well.
The craze of Portuguese Nationality is growing amongst Goans day by day, looking at the lucrative picture of the entry into the UK via Portugal, there are 300 people waiting outside the Portuguese Consulate every day to apply for the Portuguese Passport, said the Portuguese Counsel in Goa.   
The job of NGO is to take care of the ill doings of the society and do justice to the victims but here, in this case, the NGO locked Beggars and Mentally ill people picked up from the streets in a cage-like animals, although NGO clarified that they were trying to rehabilitate the beggars and mentally ill people by doing this.   
This is one of the strange cases wherein the holder of a Portuguese Passport who migrated overseas with the help of his dual citizenship to take up the private employment has filed a case against the Kala Academy in the High court for the Pensionary benefits, meanwhile the high court has asked the state to submit the reply in this matter.    
Goa, known as the sunshine state, has a beautiful natural coastline, picturesque sceneries, beautiful heritage homes and places to visit as well as amazing cuisines to savour. While Goa can use these assets in their favor for sustainable tourism, the presence of casinos seems to be a controversial topic amongst all and sundry.
In South India, a Devadasi is a girl “dedicated” to worship and serve a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. There is a special ceremony for this kind of dedication which is similar in some ways to marriage. After becoming Devadasis these young women would spend their time learning religious rites, rituals, and dance. They had children by high officials or priests who were also taught their skills of music and dance.