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A Trap Was Laid down to Ruin My Career, Claims the disgraced Swimming Coach Surajit Ganguly

The recent case of the sexual abuse and rape of a minor girl by the swimming coach Surajit Ganguly went to become the headlines
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The recent case of the sexual abuse and rape of a minor girl by the swimming coach Surajit Ganguly went to become the headlines of the national media. The victim girl who is a National Junior Gold Medalist had video reordered her sexual abuse by the coach and posted it on social media. Soon the intervention of media into the matter resulted in the arrest of the accused Ganguly who is now denying all the allegations saying that he had been trapped by the victim girl.

Although he has failed to prove as to how the victim girl could have trapped him when he himself is seen abusing the minor girl in the video clip, who is his student. The former coach has filed for the bail application and in his application he had mentioned the above justification.

According to the report published by the local daily Heraldo, disgraced swimming coach Surajit Ganguly, who has been charged with allegedly raping a national junior gold medalist, has contended that case against him is a ‘laid down trap’ to ruin his career.

The former coach and rape accused Ganguly has filed a bail application before the Chidden’s Court and has denied all the allegations against him. Advocate Russel Pinto, appearing for the accused, submitted that his client is wrongly implicated in the case and that he is innocent. 

“He has been wrongly implicated. The video that purportedly shows Ganguly misbehaving with the girl is a laid down trap to ruin his career. His career is any way at stake as he has been removed from the service,” he said.  

The accused Ganguly is presently lodged in the judicial custody after he was booked for the offense following the girl alleged that during her six-month stay in Goa, he had mentally and physically tortured her.

The matter came to light following her parents, who accompanied her to Goa, noticed that her performances were dipping and she was avoiding the coach. 

The Accused Ganguly video clip images molesting victim girl

Meanwhile, Ganguly’s wife flew down to Goa from Kolkatta claimed that her husband is innocent. “I want justice for my husband and my son. It has been a difficult situation for my entire family. He (husband) has been falsely dragged into this case,” she informed reporters outside the court. 

The case is presently going on in the Children’s Court and the arguments in this matter will continue on a Friday. There are no bright chances of Gaguly getting the bail-in such heinous case but the matters rest on the arguments laid down by the lawyer and how the judge takes it at the end.

What are your views on this report? do you agree with the argument of the accused that he is innocent? what is shown in the video is false and trap?

Source: Heraldo | DNA   

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