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Face Mask is Not Mandatory Anymore in UAE But Social Distancing is

Two meter distance is mandatory although the face mask is not necessary in some locations in the UAE. People need to maintain safe physical
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Face Mask Not Mandatory in UAE
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The Face Mask is one of the most important weapon against Coronavirus and many lives have been saved due to the implementation of face mask guidelines, but many fully vaccinated countries have started relaxing the restrictions. Is it good or bad? Will the infection increase due to no face mask?  

According to the Gulf News report, wearing the face mask will not be mandatory in certain places in the UAE announced the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) and National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) on Wednesday. 

Unlike earlier there wont be any strict rules on wearing the face masks in the UAE. According to the new announcement, the people residing in the same house wont have to wear the masks in their private vehicles, stated the order. 

The beach goers and around the open swimming pools will not be required to wear the Face Masks. The new ruling comes in addition to the people residing alone in the closed spaces. 

The residents will also be able to obtain the personal services of salon and spa. “Obtaining personal services for one’s face and head in barbershops and beauty centres, salons, as well as in medical centres and clinics when undergoing diagnostic and treatment services, the mask won’t be mandatory,” stated the report. 

In fact the UAE is not the only country that has removed the restrictions on the Face Masks. According to the reports, there are many countries that has already gone Mask Free. 

The countries like US, UK has already listed the ban on the Face Masks. There many countries are in process of following the suit.  

Why You Still Need To Wear The Mask?

Although many countries are lifting the ban on face mask, there are still countries that is implementing the same with full strictness. According to the reports, The world is still in the midst of a deadly pandemic, which had already claimed nearly 4 million lives. The current death rates inn some of the counties remains grim. 

What Happens if People Stop Wearing The Face Masks?

According to the Dr Assem Youssef, not wearing the face mask will make person vulnerable to the Covid infection which is deadly and has no cure till date. Vaccination is just the prevention and not cure. Going out without the masks will put the big population to the risk of infection as the person who is not wearing may spread the virus to other vulnerable and not vaccinated people. 

Wearing a mask protects not only oneself but for others too from coming in contact with the infected person. Since the virus is evolving, it is not presenting itself and one does not realise when they already have contracted the infection.

List of Countries with Covid death Rates 

Brazil, 1,780 deaths, India 930, Indonesia 728, 726 in Russia, 714 in the US, 553 in Colombia, 462 in Argentina, 457 in South Africa, 269 in Mexico, 146 in Iran, 50 in Germany and 34 in France, this is the reports of just last 24 Hours. 

Tokyo, where the Delta variant has already reached 40%, declared an emergency on Wednesday ahead of the Olympics, after more than 900 new cases were recorded Tuesday.


With the new development the local authorities will also be obligated to put up signs showing the places where face masks will not be requested.

The relaxation in the Face Mask was allowed due to the decline in the number of Covid cases in the country which was the result of the strenuous national efforts made to detect infected cases, and expand the scope of examinations nationwide, in addition to providing different types of vaccines against the ‘COVID-19’ not to mention the cooperation of the public in implementing precautionary measures in the previous period.

But despite of all these MoHAP and NCEMA called on the public to still wear facemasks in un-exempted places as the possibility of contracting the infection cannot be ruled out.

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