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Foreigners Coming on Tourists Visa Get Involved into the Commercial Activities in Goa

Working in Goa is banned for anyone and anybody with the valid credentials can work or start business activities in the state, but here
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Working in Goa is banned for anyone and anybody with the valid credentials can work or start business activities in the state, but here the case is different and the foreigners we are referring herein are the ones who came down to Goa on a tourist visa and got engaged into the commercial activities.     

According to the regulations foreigners can settle down and even make their own town if they have a valid nationality but otherwise, it is called illegal activities and the same is happening in the various parts of Goa.     

Locals let their places out to the foreigners and they run the business in the background. Morjim is already converted into the Russian hub and one part of Morjim is known as a Little Russia. This kind of penetration is not good for the locals as they lose their identity in the end.

Apart from Tourism, Goa reaps its income from many other sources. Mining, agriculture activities, manufacturing industries are other ways that Goa supports its economy. Goa is also growing as IT hub and various developments are also taking place. This tiny coastal state is now trying to keep up with the fast-pacing globalisation of the metropolitan cities.

With many advents in the tourism industry, Goa has an abundance of the market opportunities that many people are tapping into. This state is rich in its sources and people often flock here from various states and countries and settle. 

According to 99Business Ideas, Goa has a well-developed social, physical and industrial infrastructure and virtual connectivity. The state is highly dependent on foreign exchange, which has helped fuel the growth of resorts, helped in state beautification, hotels and other businesses related to tourism.

Many businesses can be set up in this state, and people have always tried to tap into the state’s potential in the start-up business. Goa receives a huge tourist footfall in the country, mostly Russians frequent this state. It is no new news that many Russians have settled and set-up business here. Most of them have purchased land and now are living in this coastal land earning profits.

According to Goa Prism, The foreigners started working at various positions, while on their vacation, on a tourist visa, and slowly they started getting into various businesses. But, all these became possible only due to the greed of local people, who are now blaming the foreigners.

According to the sources, the locals had started letting out their places, and businesses to the foreigners, for the greed of making more money. 

Locals are now irked over the foreigners running the business in Goa, while on their tourist visa. According to the reports, the locals are worried about their bread and butter, as most of the businesses have been captured by foreigners, in the North Goa Coastal Belts, like Morjim, Ashvem, Mandrem, and Pernem. Locals say that, due to foreigners conducting business here, they are losing business.

Not only foreigners but also people from different states have come and settled in Goa and starting up business. This is causing major concern to the locals of Goa as they fear that Goa will lose its identity and ethnicity.

Apart from this, the non-Goans and foreigners are using the resources that rightfully must belong to the Goans. They also state that these activities are most of the time illegal. According to Times of India, A common complaint by Pernem taxi operators is that some Russians operate illegal taxi services. Some locals also complain that Russian tourists in Arambol and Morjim operate guesthouses.

The Police do their best in capturing these foreigners and levies heavy fines for the same. However, most of the activities go undetected and still continue in the streets and beaches of Goa. Foreigners have seen this state, as a place to have fun while earning money which is causing irk to the locals. These activities disrupt the normal functioning of the jobs of the locals and often take away their business and put it in the loss.

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