108 ambulance services need to be Revamped in Goa

Despite several attempts to revamp the 108 ambulance services run by GVK EMRI in the State, lapses more often than not have lead to victims being denied immediate assistance and facing life-threatening risks. The recent case where an ambulance failed to turn up in time to attend to a youth who met with a motorcycle accident is a point in case.

Nipah Virus Strikes in Kerala Again, Goa too on High Alert

This is the second time the Nipah virus has struck into Kerala, and Goa being the tourism state most of the tourist travel back and forth from Kerala to Goa which gives the indication of the virus may get into the state if proper precautions have not been taken. Here we have given the complete details about the virus and the precessions one needs to take to avoid the infection.   

Former Goa Minister’s Wife Found Dead in an Apartment at Panaji

Destiny is something nobody can predict, it does not matter how big you are, but the ultimate truth remains the same. Death is inevitable, but the way one leaves this world is what decides their fate. Here, in this case, the wife of a former cabinet minister of Goa was found dead in an apartment situated at Panaji, shockingly when police recovered her body, it had already started decomposing.

Parrikar Admitted in GMC is not kept on life Support system, says sources CMO

Manohar Parrikar is suffering from the pancreatic ailment, and his condition is getting deteriorated with the time, but despite that, he kept on working, but how long, the ailment started taking the toll on his health, and once more he was admitted into GMC. The news of his hospitalization started spreading on social media and some media channels also mentioned that Mr. Parrikar is kept on the life support system. What is the fact what is rumors, let’s take a look.

A 33-Year-Old Youth Dies Due to lack of medical facilities at the Health Centre in Canacona

This may not be the first case wherein the victim had to lose his life due to the lack of medical facilities and doctors in the Public Health Centre in Goa. Most of the health centres situated in the rural and semi-urban areas do not have the basic medical facilities or the doctors to handle the serious cases and by the time patient reaches to the GMC or District Hospitals most of the times succumb to the injuries.

A Goan Youth Loses his Life at GMC due to lack of medical attention

GMC (Goa Medical College) has always remained in the news due to various reasons, sometimes for the medical negligence and sometimes due to carelessness. The pathetic condition of GMC doesn’t remain hidden from the people of Goa, but despite that instead of improving the standard of the Goa’s only medical college hospital, the authorities seem to have preferred to turn the blind eyes towards it.

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