Goa is Far Behind in the Advanced Crime Tracking Systems compared to the other states in India

Although Goa is having a very high literacy rate in India and it’s per capita income is also highest in the country but yet Goa lags behind in many fields and one of them is the Advanced Crime Detection Systems. The crime rate is growing steadily in the state but the resources are lacking to deal with the situation.     

MMC Councillors Agitate Over the Payment of Rupees One Lakh Per Day to Fomento Company

There is absolutely no control over the public money spending and this happens at every level. Right from the village panchayats and Municipal councils to the state and national level the public money is spent without much concern. The case of Margao Municipal Council in no different, with the payment of rupees one lakh per day to a private company to handle Sonsoddo waste only points out at high-level corruption.     

Pramod Sawant to be the next CM of Goa??

The state of Goa is mourning due to the demise of Manohar Parrikar did not stop political gurus to take a halt for some time, in fact, while the mortal remains of Parrikar were taken to the Kala Academy, the politicians started lining up at Goa’s five star property, to sum up the new political equations.

Rash Driven Buses in the State Have Become Monster Killers On The Goan Roads

There are hundreds of cases reported in the various police stations of Goa wherein the buses have driven rashly have been involved in fatal accident. The privately operated buses swinging on the roads of Goa had always ended up in the fatal road accidents and in most of these cases killings innocent people who were unaware.

Pakistani Citizen Found Holding Mining Lease in Goa

Goa’s relation with Pakistan is not new as there are several hundreds of properties that belong to Goan Pakistani citizens who had migrated to Pakistan from Goa. More than 30 thousand Goans had migrated to Pakistan in 1964 and settled down in Karachi leaving their hundreds of crores worth of property behind in Goa.

Former Goa Minister’s Wife Found Dead in an Apartment at Panaji

Destiny is something nobody can predict, it does not matter how big you are, but the ultimate truth remains the same. Death is inevitable, but the way one leaves this world is what decides their fate. Here, in this case, the wife of a former cabinet minister of Goa was found dead in an apartment situated at Panaji, shockingly when police recovered her body, it had already started decomposing.

Parrikar Admitted in GMC is not kept on life Support system, says sources CMO

Manohar Parrikar is suffering from the pancreatic ailment, and his condition is getting deteriorated with the time, but despite that, he kept on working, but how long, the ailment started taking the toll on his health, and once more he was admitted into GMC. The news of his hospitalization started spreading on social media and some media channels also mentioned that Mr. Parrikar is kept on the life support system. What is the fact what is rumors, let’s take a look.

Goa’s Ex-MLA and Noted Poet Vishnu Wagh is No More

He was on a tour to Cape Town in South Africa when he breathed his last after a prolonged sickness. A noted poet and politician Mr Vishnu Surya Wagh had left this world on the 8th February 2019, his body will be brought to India soon, informed his wife.  He was 53 and struggling with his illness after the stroke he faced in the year 2016. He passed away in South Africa on the 8th of August while on his vacation to Cape Town.   

Will The Former Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar Defy BJP If not Given the Ticket for the bypoll at Mandrem?

The ruling party BJP seems to have completely become cornered over the selection of candidates for the forthcoming polls that is about to take place in a couple of months. There is huge discontent amongst the BJP Karyakartas (Party Workers) due to the entry of defected Congress MLAs and they do not want the party ditching their loyal colonels for the defectors.

Goa Traffic Police Has Fined Half the population of the state in 2018, claims report

It is not at all shocking to know that the Traffic Police has fined half of the population of Goa during the last year because they way they implement the traffic regulations deploying in all the cops in all nooks and corners across the state roads it is meant to be that way.

Antares, The Australian Theme Restaurant Run By Celebrity Chef Sara Todd Gutted in Fire

A big 250 seat restaurant run by the celebrity chef Sara Todd caught fire on Wednesday afternoon and before anybody could do anything everything turned into the ashes. How this happened and what exactly caused the fire is a matter of an investigation. Todd first shot to fame in 2014 when she took part in MasterChef Australia, a competitive cooking game show.

Startups to become the backbone of Goa Business’s Ecosystem

It is a misconception that Goa only offers people with the sun, sand, siestas and sundowners. No siree! You will be amazed by the number of startups that are springing up in this coastal paradise, completely overhauling the business sector and taking it to the digital age. Fortunately, Goa offers an ideal work-life balance and the perfect environment for innovation. With the rapidly improving connectivity and infrastructure and a supportive state government, Goa is slowly becoming a ‘Startup Paradise’.

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