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Charter Flights From Russia and UK May Get Delayed Till December – TTAG

The expected Charter flights from UK and Russia might get delayed till mid December, meanwhile the Cordelia Cruise Ship arrived in Goa with 1100
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Goa Airport
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If the covid situation gets under control in the UK, first flight will land on the Goa airport on the December 13, said TTAG president Nilesh Shah. 

According to Nilesh there will be at least 4 flights per week from the UK. “According the information we have received, there will be at least 4 chartered flights from UK to Goa per week,” said Nilesh adding, two flights will be from Manchester and Gatwick, “Looking into this it is now clear that there will be 4 flights in a week.” 

According to him this chartered flights will continue till the end of March depending on the prevailing situation. “There is a possibility of number of flights might also increase depending on the flow of tourists,” he said. There is a possibility of min 1000 British tourists coming down to Goa every week.  

According to Nilesh, the Pandemic is not yet over and the we will have to follow the covid protocols. “In the UK also the cases have started rising and same scenario is there in Germany,” he said. The cases are rising everywhere but the good part is people are not getting hospitalised and those who have been vaccinated are having less effect of the virus. 

Meanwhile there is a rise in the Covid cases in Russia too and keeping the current scenario in mind the charters from Russia may also get delayed by December, said the sources. “The flights were suppose to resume from November but due to the rising Covid cases they have announced one month lockdown which will start from 30th October,” he said. 

Although there are only speculations of the time the flights will start coming down in Goa but no one is sure when it will happen. “There are positive response about the flights resuming soon but when it will happen has not yet been announced,” said Nilesh. 

Meanwhile, according to reports, the Cordelia Cruise Ship has arrived in Goa from Mumbai along with 1100 tourists giving some relief to the tourism industry. According to the Manager of the Cruise Ship, now there will be regular trips of the cruise ship in Goa. 

The arrival of the cruise has brought some relief to the Taxi operators who were waiting for the business to resume since last two years. “It is nearly 2 years that we have been siting at home with virtually no business,” said one of the taxi operator adding, the arrival of this cruise ship has brought a new ray of hope to all the taxi operators in Goa. 

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