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Goa is one of the most sought after Tourism destinations in the world always had very high expectations from tourists from all over the world and the highest expectation is safety, but due to several cases in the past have turned this image into negative one.
Goa, a tiny little state, situated on the west coast of India and called as Pearl of East is best known for its scenic virgin beaches and hospitable lovely people but with the times' everything has changed. Goa is no more the place people from around the world used to think it was, but it is that Goa now what people from the world think it is.
Every year Goa gets approximately 6 million tourists, which is almost three times the population of the state. But recently there has been a sharp decline in the tourism sector due to various reasons and the major cause behind this are the uncontrolled taxi fares and corrupt police of the state.
It is said that the Necessity is a mother of Invention and the story of the origination of the Flea Market in the state is nothing different. You will be surprised to know how the concept of Flea Market came into existence. Here in this very interesting story, we are going to tell how the Hippies Market came into existence in Goa.
One of the beach village situated in the north Goa is named after the Russian fraternity and known as a Little Russia, what more proof does one require to establish that the Russians prefer Goa above all the travel destination in the world. But the question here is, why? What is the reason behind Russians obsession with Goa and Goans? Yes, Goans, cause there are many Russians who have settled down in Goa and half of them are engaged in the business activities of various types.
Saying that Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar does not understand the tourism industry, the tourism stakeholders have shown their discontent over the statement of Babu and his intention to bring the legislation to cap hotel tariffs and prices of food served in hotels. The hospitality industry in Goa that already facing the brunt of the dip in sales of rooms in the main season time, does not have any place for such action from tourism minister.
Following the drop in the tourists from UK and USA, the Russian tourists ruled over Goa for almost a decade. The maximum number of flights would come from Moscow to Goa direct and there was a boom in the tourism sector of Goa due to the Russian charters, but now it looks like this scenario is about to change.
Goa is considered to be an expensive place compared to the other states due to its high capita income and availability of manpower. The manpower is the major hurdle many businesses face in Goa and tourism sector does not remain unaffected with that. Normally the assessment of the business activity takes place when there is a major dip in the business and something similar seems to have happened in the case of Goa.
The hippie culture began in the Goa during the late 60s and continued to through early 80s started fading in the early 90s and it is now on the verge of vanishing completely from Goa. The Hippie tourism gave Goa an image of paradise where foreigners would dwell freely and fearlessly, roam around any part of the state without the fear of getting robbed or raped. But that paradise has died its slow death and new commercial tourism became the trend of the day.   
There have been numerous advents in the field of tourism. Travel and Tourism; which started out as a passion has now, bloomed into a full-fledged industry. Various kinds of tours have been emerging to suit the needs of different travelers. Food Tourism, Medical Tourism, Rural Tourism are some to name here. The rising global trends have suggested growth of Tourism in the coming years. Travel and Tourism are now one of the most lucrative industries.