Surfing Activities Along The North Goa Beach Belt Raises Concern Amongst Locals

Surfing Activities Along The North Goa Beach
Surfing Activities Along The North Goa Beach Belt

At a time when the covid-19 pandemic meant little business for most of those heavily dependent on the tourism sector, locals are now irked over certain illegal business activities that are carried out along North Goa’s prominent coastal beach areas. 

In a few videos that were shared by locals, it was noticed that certain tourists – both, domestic and foreign – were indulging in various business activities such as surfing, along with the beach belts, and as such, locals have demanded strict action as many of the activities have still not been officially permitted to begin. 

In a video online, it is learnt that certain tourists are providing surfing sessions for other tourists at a cost, and are rampantly conducting these business activities along with the quiet coastal areas. 

One local, identified as Wilson Fernandes, alleged that surfing activities along the areas of Morjim, Ashwem, and Arambol were being conducted by tourists. He claimed that foreigners were conducting these illegal businesses. 

Locals are serious that such activity carried out by foreign tourists should not be legalized as it will be a major blow to the local fishermen and other local businesses in the belt. 

Highlighting further, it was addressed that local fishermen who cast their nets for a daily catch are put at an inconvenience due to such activities. It is understood that the fishing nets, on many occasions, are damaged due to these surfing activities. The nets are cut, resulting in more struggle for the local fishermen. 

Local citizens have also stated that several websites are promoting surfing activities in Goa, however, they requested the government not to legalize them as it will be a major impact on resident communities. Several foreign tourists mostly partake in such surfing activities, while a very few domestic tourists – mostly those who are aware of it only – surf along Goa’s northern beaches. 

Much of the local tourism-related activities have not kicked off yet, with the majority of them hoping to start by early next month, including beach shacks. As such, the quiet cover along the coasts have been widely used by some foreign tourists to carry out such activities 

Besides surfing concerns, locals have also requested for strict action against those carrying out bull trawling, thereby making the ocean bed devoid of important fish resources. Locals have been having a very limited catch for the last week. 

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